Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little bit of non-miniature painting.


Not much time this week as preparations for moving my GF in with me has eaten up the hobby time. Best I could manage was arming all of my Angry Marines as I needed to clear them and their constituent parts off of the entertainment center which has been given to one of my neighbors.

One project that I've been working on however is at the museum where I volunteer, the Gray Fossil Site. I'm principally a lab volunteer, however after painting a cast of a Triceratops for them a ways back, whenever a little painting project comes up they come to me. As such, Dr. Blaine Schubert (the PhD in charge) asked if I could paint a cast they made of a prehistoric elk jaw that is beng donated to the museum (and is currently on display). The fossil owner asked if they could cast it and if so he would donate the piece to the collections dept.

The museum did so, however when turning over the replica the donor asked if we could paint it to match the fossil first. Which brought me into the process (despite there being an employee of the museum who also plays 40k and paints minis). Its all good though as its fun to have my hobby go to a good cause (aside from just keeping me

Yes I know, that tank brush is shot...
Here it is whilst drying from one of its washes. About all I have left to do is to clear coat it and then go over the teeth with 'ard coat shiny them up to match the tooth enamel. The staff seem pleased with it as is, but I don't want the paint to wear off from handling. I won't have time to get to it this weekend, but will do so next weekend.

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