Thursday, October 31, 2013

More meat for the grinder..


I've not spent too much time on minis this week...or at least on anything exciting. Gluing dozens more washers to dozens more bases for my Skaven army is neither noteworthy, nor photogenic.  That said, I did run out of washers last night and so started assembling some of my slave regiment.

These pathetic fools never should have allowed themselves to be taken alive...

My original intent was to bolster the unit's numbers with my poor Stirlanders, but now I think I'll just mix my clanrats with hand weapons and shields into this unit instead. On reading the Skaven army book (now that I have one), it seems the slave units are made more of rats than anything else. In doing that, I'll have about 60ish slaves, which, with hand weapons and shields (the majority will anyways, and I'll go with that despite the variety of weaponry seen here). That horde will clock in at a mere 150 points!

lol, at that rate this army will never amass enough troops to be fieldable...

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Screech said...

Slaves are like Conscript Platoons: they only make up an entertaining piece of the army.