Monday, February 17, 2014

Don't forget the little people...

...or in this case, the very, very, VERY little people.

One thing I like to add into every game of Classic Battletech (yes RTVoril & Neverness, you can stop reading now...) is infantry. No Battle armor, as...well, I've never gotten it to work efectively. Kinda odd as there are so many variants of it. True, foot slogging infantry or worse yet mechanized infantry is even less effective for the most part. But you get what you pay for. That said, some infantry units are actually quite good.

GHQ Micro Armor FTW!

A mix of French and Chinese vehicles will have the historical gamers up in arms I'm sure!

Currently I have 6 Inner Sphere mechanized infantry platoons. I have a single tracked machine gun platoon posted some time earlier. The other 5 are wheeled LRM platoons. Dirt cheap, sorta mobile, and have a 9 hex threat range. Damage potential however is piss poor, but no matter I like them.

Dirtside minis are the same scale!
 I also have 2 Clan Fast Recon platoons. My GF says they look like 'armored bumper cars' lol. 5 hex movement, and capable of sending a respectable shotgun blast of damage out to 12 hexes, and all for a bargain price!

They'll ride around in some GHQ made Israeli Namer APCs, posing as Heavy Tracked APCs which are out of production it seems.
 Previously, my foot slogging platoons were utterly pointless. However the 3085 TRO had some goodies for these guys as well. Xenoplanetary infantry (care of the Dirtside II minis below) also have decent damage and a good range. Good thing as they're completely immobile if they want to shoot (and too slow to bother moving).

Conveniently they all have a missile launcher...of some sort.
In that same vain, this base will be used as a Heavy LRM foot platoon. Just as immobile and a little shorter range, but dealing double the damage!

None of these will be game changers, but nothing is more gratifying to finish off a crippled mech with a worthless unit!


neverness said...

Those are some of the best looking military vehicles I've seen yet for BT. Most of the ones I have ever seen are more like vague suggestions of a vehicle, these are a nice exception!

Kushial said...

I need to get working on my ELH again. They've been set aside for a while and I need to make some progress on them again.

rogue.trader.voril said...

Thanks for the heads up at the beginning. :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

The Trucks (RL CHinese MLRS's) and Jeeps (RL French VBLs) are GHQ sculpts, and for their size, GHQ makes some of the BEST minis out there!