Thursday, February 20, 2014

I need this man to design and build a game table for me!

Being able to afford that endeavor of course is largely dependent on my winning the lottery this Last weekend my GF and I went to visit her sister and brother-in-law. One thing I've heard about from both Amy and her folks for the better part of last year, was Micheal's 'train world'. Well, the descriptions did not disappoint! Holy cow his set up was amazing! His current 'table' is about a 7 year WIP, but he's had several others in the past. His theme is the 1940s in Colorado.

His table has been featured in O Gauge Railroading Magazine and Light Iron Digest Magazine. He also has a youtube channel here, and a website here. Anyways, enough of my rambling, check out the pictures for yourself (I took these whilst wandering around the room, so here they are in no particular order...):

He has several areas using resin water effects. This is the largest and most impressive. lol, I was also told that if the setup is ever removed, this pond is taking a chunk of the wall's sheetrock with it...

A dog pissing on a tree, lol as you can see no detail has been left out!

I really like how this pic came out.

The trains are all radio controlled, engine sounds, movement, everything!

I didn't realize till taking this photo that the reason the roof isn't complete is because the workers are currently building it!

Now look at this weathering and I'll mention that he claims to not be artistic...I'm sure that makes as little sense to any of you as it does to us.

Another pond.

Funny story: Micheal asked for 'Forest Debris' for Christmas some time back, but no one could find it. So Amy rooted thru her Mom's potted plants and yard to find some and labeled the ziplock bag accordingly. Afterwards he created this little diorama to make use of her gift!

My favorite little scene of the whole thing. The steam shovel dumping coal into the truck, and as a result dumping it all over the truck! Not just into the back as most people would probably do. Such attention to detail is impressive! I like the weathering too, I forgot to ask if he just uses washes and dry brushing, or if he uses weathering powders too.

Any gamer/modeler can appreciate this, though its a bit too organized for my tastes. On my work spaces, CHAOS REIGNS!!!

He had a few WWII planes around too. Not sure on the scale, but they're all fairly large kits, This is an F4U Corsair.

A WII German Stuka dive bomber...

...and a German ME-109.


Kushial said...

If not an entire board to play on, he'd be great to get to do a display board for an army.

zak98 said...

that is an interesting project possibility, all! maybe i will take that on if given some guidance.

Da Masta Cheef said...

ooh! Really? What do you think you can do with trenches?