Monday, February 3, 2014

If ya can't beat em, join em?



 Its a, its a...oh dear god, there's FOUR of them?!?!?!?!

lol, we played a game of Carnage the other night, fudging the rules where necessary as none of us actually have the PDF of it. I had forewarning that Bryan was bringing his Orks and their DEFF SKWADRUN of three Dakka jets were coming. Sklyer saw that as a green light to bring his Hellturkey as well. Thus, the Fem Fa'Tau went heavy on the AA defense (or as much as you can in a 1k list). 

Jeez, ya shoot down one and look what happens...
As you can see from the photo above the Tau were high on the target priority list for the flyers. Aside from shooting down a yellow Dakka jet when they arrived (sorry, that pic was super blurry), all the Tau's AA was able to do was take 2 HP's off the turkey, and one off another Dakka jet (those two were finished off by others in the game). So air defense is debatable, but then again, so was the effectiveness of all of the aircraft. Well, aside from the stupid Turkey's flamer incinerating Tau left and right...

I really don't think 40k needs aircraft, but they're slowly getting more prevalent around here. The more I see the ork jet, the more I like it so when I get my income tax return I may actually get one (before GW quietly jacks up the price during the Ork codex release like they always do). That said, I'll probably sit on it till the new codex comes out to see what rules for the ork fighters change.

I like the dive bomma idea more, but the bomb run chart looks like its designed to die on its first run. However the ONLY variant people take are Dakka jets, and for obvious reasons. Thus, I fully expect it to get hit by the nerf bat (and hopefully the others will get some sort of a boost to their rules). Speaking of the bommas, they need a rule where the tail/turret gunners can shoot at a separate target than the ork pilot. Seriously, are you going to forgo all shooting so the dive bomma's tail gunner can shoot at anything? Of course not.

So, you can expect to see an ork fighta of some sort on here in the future, and probably not before the new codex release. Also I can't resist the cheap shot by saying: though you'll probably see it before Neverness finishes his (and its so close to done!!!)

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