Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grymn Flyer / Arvus Lighter


Since everyone's having so much fun at my Grymn's expense, I figured I'd stick with them for another post. Some ways back, last spring, winter...somewhere in there, Bombshell Miniatures launched a Kickstarter for their retro-styled shuttle. I fell in love with it, got it, and its sat in the closet ever since. Honestly I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

Then, a little ways back when I was working on my Grymn gatling cannon, it popped into my mind that it would be perfect for my Grymn! Much like that antique pilfered from a museum for reuse on the battlefield, the beleaguered Grymn Army, desperate to hold the line, have started commandeering civilian shuttles. Retro-fitted with weapons, these ad-hoc combat craft are now tasked as assault shuttles and ground attack craft.

Not too many parts, and excellent casting quality (pay attention to that last bit there Forgeworld!).

Conveniently, 40k has a model that fits that description exactly: Forgeworld's Arvus Lighter. The main difference (aside from price), is that the Arvus is a flying brick, whereas the ISW-69F is an egg. Like everything I've done for the Grymn here lately, this project will be an amalgamation of products from various companies. The retro-fitted guns will be autocannons, taken from the Dakka Jet kit (as well as the base). The Bombshell shuttle's base is an acrylic square that's fit for holding maybe my X-Wing YT-1300, not a resin egg perched 4" above the table. That's probably why I've only seen built examples sitting on their landing gear.

Whilst the GW flight base is certainly big enough, there's still the issue of attaching the acrylic rod to it, and giving it some weight to counter balance the shuttle. For that task, I have a Secret Weapon Miniatures' force field generator I bought prior to the release of the limited run of GW's stronghold assault force field generator-kit-that-looks-like-ass. Once again, this one was a hellova lot cheaper and better looking than the GW version. I'll probably have a Grymn or two on the base as well.



Mordian7th said...

Nice! I love it, man - really look forward to seeing it assembled!

Greg Hess said...

Looks really great. What a cool little ship!! Great idea with the force generator!

neverness said...

Hey now, the quality of the Forge World models from their China facility have been exceptional! ;)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys, and that's a curious thing, don'tcha think Neverness?