Thursday, September 25, 2014

...sigh... Where did my time go?

Seriously. I used to have tons of time to paint, but anymore...not so much.

lol, my girlfriend was amused by this model's armored bustier.
Oh well, I did get the hole drilled in the force field generator for my Grymn Shuttle's flight stand or rather my future father-in-law (no that's not official yet, but its inevitable) did via his drill press. The man is the master of precision, and he was perfect for that job! All I managed to do myself was to get two more Grymn painted.

Ugh! I had to go back and touch up her finger tip after taking that center pic!
So that's something at least....right?


Greg Hess said...'s good enough to get something primed or base coated :).

Kushial said...

I've worked 8 of the last 8 days and it's 9 more days until my next day off. I envy you the time to paint 2 models. The extent of my hobby time has consisted of opening the Rebel Aces box and the two Z-95's that I ordered with it. Opened them up, nothing else .... I'm ready for October and normal work.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Well, its best you enjoy October because Christmas is coming, and you know what that means...

Kushial said...

Eh, I've got consumables so Christmas is easy. Just keep filling the shelves non-stop.

Rifkind Wolfwalker said...

Yes... Life, it's the thing that keeps happening despite wanting to or planning on doing other things.
But seriously DMC (Da Masta Cheef), not *everything else* you are doing is bad or unpleasant... Right? And well, you do have still have some time to paint and play games and have a good social life too. It's all about balance lover.