Monday, September 1, 2014

The Curious Constructs/Grymn Cannon is complete!


Having trashed all of my previous fluff for the Grymn, I'm now planning on using them in 40k as the Grymn (Astra) Militarum, The Grymnquisition and I even have a Grymn Assassin. These properly proportioned little guys and gals (unlike the tubby little Ratlings and Squats) actually make Spess Mahreenz look like 'true-scale' marines. Whereas GW's marines only stand as tall as the average Cadian even when wearing their power armor...

Thus at some...distant point in the future, when we have $$$ is to spare, I'll pick up the needed codexes (a curious thing, as I don't want the 7th ed rulebook). It does make me wonder if I've crossed the line from  'gamer' to 'collector' though as 40k is suddenly at the bottom of my list of games I want to play. Yet I'm all to happy to paint my little Grymn whilst imagining their place in the 40k universe. I've even purchased a handful via the funds from the horde of 40k minis that have gone the way of ebay.

Listen up you worthless little cans! Your days of gardening and dishwashing is over!
 Anyways, as mentioned in my previous post on this project, rules aside-the Grymn are not faring well in the Grimdark of the 41st Millennium. Many armies fight via sheer numbers, something the diminutive Grymn lack and things are getting desperate!

More and more of lower classes of Grymn (male and female) are being forcibly drafted into the Militarum every day. Museums are being raided for antique weapons to be quickly refurbished and returned to battle, especially in the outer territories where off-world resupply is difficult. Worst of all, even the Aristocracy has been adversely effected by the horrors of war! Their menial house bots have been rounded up by the Militarum for use in both rear and front line support roles. This has left the Grymn's aristocrats with the horrid situation of having to actually do their own household chores and menial tasks!

lol, poor bastards.

They had to resort to untrained house bots after most of this cannon's Grymn crew were lost to an enemy ambush...
There are a few miscasts, mainly in the wheels of the cannon. An issue which no doubt was later remedied, but such are the travails of Kickstarter. It works for the 'antique' look though so I'm happy with it. As you can see, I've also taken a liking to GW's rust paint as well. Thus it looks fairly archaic next to the rest of my Grymn army.

The rest of my Grymn squads will be issued heavy stubbers rather than heavy bolters as this kind of weapon is simply to big for a Grymn weapons team to move. Hell, just swiveling the thing to adjust its aim will be a nightmarish task (even with an additional bot to provide a little bit of extra hydraulic power)!

And to finish this post off...

Here's the requisite 'Kiya in my light box' pic. This seems to happen every time, lol.

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