Friday, August 7, 2015

Age of Sigmar, one month in.

A third post this week? A Friday rant even? Score!

This morning I read yet another BoLS post extolling the virtues of AoS, and how it ought to be applied to 40k. That makes what? A half dozen or so now, more or less saying the same thing? Granted that one shockingly wasn't all wine and roses like the others have been. Still it just seems so fucking redundant.

Seriously what the hell? 

Annoyed, and wanting to see what else they had available, I after that went scrolling thru their recent posts only to find yesterday's post about how well AoS is selling on Amazon. Almost every day BoLS brings us another AoS is awesome! post.

Fanbois much?

Ya know, there are a hellova lot of people out there who either don't like or just flat out hate the game, but dissenting opinions and/or counterpoints on BoLS are apparently only for the comment section. Speaking of, whilst browsing the comments, I found this one below and couldn't agree more (and said as much in my reply to it).

lol, ya gotta love FFG for putting GW in it's place.

Also, given the subject matter of the BoLS post itself, I couldn't help but not crop out the reply about X-Wing blow it. Gives ya some perspective doesn't it? I can't wait till FFG topples 40k from the highest grossing mini game though sadly I won't be able to be the proverbial 'fly on the wall' during that GW board meeting, lol. Its going to happen...

Of course its also widely acknowledged in the Amazon post's comments (and elsewhere) that many people are buying the AoS starter to use the minis as Chaos cultists in 40k, and to convert Sigmarines into Space marines/Custodes. Best not to read into any of that though, just keep following BoLS' bludgeoning insistence that: AoS is THE BEST THING EVAR!



neverness said...

I have had a weird conspiracy theory in my mind for a bit now that GW directly feeds scraps of info to BoLS and allows BoLS to exist as an unofficial advertising entity.

I don't care how pretty the Age of Sigmar app is, or the models, or whatever: I do NOT want this happening to 40K If it does, than I'm sticking with 7th (or going back to 5th or hell, why not 2nd?) edition.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Amy won't allow 2nd ed, there's no Tau.

I wouldn't doubt that theory as rumor has it that BoLS ratted out the 'Lady Atia' who was posting all sorts of previews via twitter (before being shut down apparently).

I've already deleted the ginormous BoLS widget since the amount of traffic from BoLS to here is virtually non-existent anyways. May as well remove them from my blog roll, most articles on there are little more than quality content-lacking clickbait anyhow.

Its kinda sad really.

Da Masta Cheef said...

"May as well remove them from my blog roll..."

...and uh, yeah. Consider that done!

Waaargh Pug said...

As someone who enjoys AoS, I'm also not a complete moron incapable of recognizing why people might not enjoy it themselves. We're gamers, and gamers love to bitch... but the only thing more annoying than a constant whiner is an incessant fanboy. That shit gets OLD. :)