Monday, August 24, 2015

There's a 3-alarm fire 5 hexes out, let's move!


Real life conspired to wipe out all of my hobby time since my last post, including our planned game of X-Wing. Though there was the exception of a fun-filled Friday night of burgers on the grill, Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity with some friends. As such the YT-2400 still isn't finished. Sad Face.  Luckily I have another side project to pull out of the archives to fill the blog-content void...

Through the years I've tried just about every major variation of infantry in Battletech in an attempt to find a type that does something other than just slow the game down. To date, all of those attempts have effectively failed. So after my GHQ stand-ins for mechanized infantry took a bath in the simple green and then got some repainting/basing, I'm going to give motorized infantry a try. Motorized firefighter infantry to be exact.

Yes, because that makes sense...

lol, there are all sorts of things on the CBT battlefield that'll start a fire. Explosives of every sort, incendiary weapons, lasers, burning mechs and tanks, the majority of which are fusion powered, the list goes on. The way I see it, Battletech firefighter units need to be Hazmat, EoD, and NBC trained specialists in addition to firefighters.

Hrmmm, I seem to have forgotten the flashing blue lights...

In a campaign setting, defending territory is great and all, unless you leave it a blazing inferno which just burns down whatever you were defending to begin with. That said, we never play campaigns, just one-off games once in awhile, so who the hell care about the battlefield afterwards-right? Well, luckily, firefighters are armed as well. Their weapons' range, their speed, and damage potential are all kinda meh at best (which has always been my issue with conventional infantry).

However the one thing they have going for them is that they're well armored (for infantry). Firefighters have a damage divisor of 2, meaning all incoming damage is halved, or for simplicity's sake, the double damage to infantry when they're in the wide open (which is where they always are given how slow they move) is simply negated.


I hope this results in something decent in a game, but as usual, that's probably wishful thinking. I could try them out as Heavy Support Motorized Infantry, which have more than double the damage potential, and almost double the range, however they're as slow as foot-sloggers. Bleh. On a slightly different note, after finishing the infantry bases above, most of my CBT stuff is now painted. That said, I do still have a few projects and next on the CBT list will be these:

A Level II of tanks, not gonna tell who they'll be fightin' for yet though...

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