Monday, August 31, 2015



As I was still suffering from the crud, we opted to just stay home pretty much all weekend and play some X-Wing instead of going to the FLGS. Fielding my new toys, we tried the 'Interdiction' scenario included with the Decimator. I opted for a different list than the recommended one as I wanted to ram stuff. Why else would you want a Decimator, right?

Of course this was our first game of X-Wing in quite awhile, so we forgot quite a bit of things, the two main ones being the scenario's 'Ruthless' special rule, and my accuracy correctors (doh!).

My 1st (failed) ramming attempt...
Airen Cracken had tried to flee to the far side to survive till the reinforcements showed up, but my TIEs would have none of it!
Speaking of reinforcements, Tyco and Tarn wait in the wings...
...and show up whilst that damned Z-95 is still on the table!
DAMMIT! THAT doesn't count! The friggin bases were still a 1/16th inch apart!
Note, that greasy smear (debris field) next to the Decimator was Cracken, and the Decimator's first ramming kill, huzzah!
Speaking of, I wonder just how much stress Tyco can take?
Yeah, he went 'splat'! Note Wolfy's fancy formation flying in the background.
Trying futilely to get a bead on my favorite X-Wing pilot, Tarn Mison.
It should be noted that by this point, both of my TIEs were gone, and it was down to just these two. However my Decimator had the shit kicked out of it, and Tarn actually had more hit points than it did! To make matters worse, the steering was damaged and hard turns were red maneuvers, having already had stress on it in the previous turn, and after a green maneuver my ship was in danger of flying off of the board!
Whew! A close call, but one that no doubt had flames, debris, and random crew flying off of the board as the ship itself narrowly avoided that fate...
...blurry though it may be, here we see Tarn making the kill shot!

...and with that, Wolfy tabled me. Round two, we played her Hit and Run scenario. She used the same list, whereas I tweaked mine a little bit trading the (as usual) worthless gunner upgrade and an Advanced TIE for 2 Obsidian TIEs.

Whee!!! I rammed Cracken and then the the anti-pursuit lasers nailed the incoming X-Wing!
Coming round the asteroids (as required by the scenario) always results in heavy traffic!
SURPRISE BUTT SEX! in 3...2...1...
Having run down Cracken yet again, Captain Oicunn gives the order to 'Get this bitch moving!' and the TIEs are thrown into confusion as they try (and fail) to get out of its way! Luckily I don't take damage from friendly collisions...

With Tarn's surprisingly quick death, and also Tyco's demise shortly thereafter, Wolfy had no chance of killing anything before the Decimator fled the field unscathed and with it's requisite kill, so we called it.

That left us tied for the weekend. My initial impressions of the Decimator? It handles like a whale, but I like it! Wolfy's thoughts: (quote) 'I fucking hate that ship.' lol, as a frequent Empire player herself however, it won't be too long before we possibly find ourselves with the exact opposite thoughts of the Decimator!


Greg Hess said...

Great photos and commentary! Haha I'd go nuts trying to ram people and forget all about objectives and the mission...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah that's uh...kinda what I did in the first game.