Monday, October 31, 2016

Allies in name only...

Here's my background fluff for the converted Word Bearer in my previous post:

No, this isn't a terminator...but it is a
damned fine image of a Word Bearer!
A number of…highly skilled and hand picked emissaries have been assigned to the Alpha Legion at the Warmaster's order. Split equally between the Sons of Hours and Word bearers' Legions, these observers are officially attached to the 20th Legion in order to facilitate closer relations, and the exchange of tactics. In truth, they're mission is to ensure that the Alpha Legion is following the Warmaster's directives to the letter! 

In short order, many of these emissaries were written off as 'unfortunate combat casualties'. However to forestall even further scrutiny, by the order of Alpharius, a handful were allowed to survive, though their interactions with the Alpha legion is anything but congenial. 

For example, the following is the story of how Captain Waaarghpug of the Gal Vorbak, chosen by High Chaplain Erebus himself for the task as emissary of the Word bearers' Legion, came to be known to the Alpha Legion as:  'Captain Woo'.  

Waaarghpug's assignment to the 20th Legion has been along and difficult trial of his patience, despite his best efforts to spread the teachings of the Primordal Annihilator to his misguided and faithless allies. All too often, his preaching falls on deaf ears (literally, as helmets are rarely removed in his presence and their external audio is invariably switched off). Verbal exchanges are also a continuous point of contention. Given his curious name and endless sermons, his Alpha Legion counterparts started addressing him as 'Captain Warp? Ugh! (which was invariably spoken in a comical tone of voice)

After weeks of this treatment and at his wits end, the Word Bearer almost came to blows with a squad of tactical legionnaires during an exchange outside their training cells. Suddenly the Alpha Legionnaires stiffly came to attention as another seemingly innocuous marine entered the room and identified himself as 'Alpharius'. 

Alpharius indeed...
Admonishing his brother marines for their discourtesy towards their 'guest', he ordered that Captain Waaarghpug was to no longer be addressed as 'Captain Warp? Ugh!', but was henceforth to be known as 'Captain W.U.' or, for the convenience of brevity: 'Captain Woo'. The comedic tone of voice was to be dropped immediately (though not apparently the collective joke at the still furious Word Bearer's expense). 

Aside from Waaarghpug, all of those present nodded the affirmative, and were dismissed. Biting back his anger the Word Bearer stiffly agreed as the 20th's primarch is known to frequently walk hidden amongst his sons in unadorned armor. However, as he was coming to terms with his latest derogatory 'title', Waaarghpug was left to wonder: was that really the primarch, or just an officer, sergeant, or possibly even a mere rank and file marine claiming to be Alpharius (as they all so often do)?

Either way, until he was rid of his tour with the accursed miscreants of the 20th legion, it seems he was be doomed to be humiliated at every opportunity!


Waaargh Pug said...

Hahaha, Captain Woo. This is the best, dude!

Da Masta Cheef said...

I'm expecting to see 'CaptWoo' in your license plate!