Thursday, October 27, 2016

Words to bear...


Still no painting, but I had an idea the other day (always a dangerous thing...) and came up with a use for my Cataphractii Terminator Captain. Originally, he was going to be the Centurion who replaced (the now demoted) Asirnoth as my Alpha Legion's commander. However as a result of popular opinion, my most recent sergeant assumed the mantle of command instead, leaving this guy kinda in limbo, especially as I have no other termies for him to accompany (this mini was purchased on a whim for the bargain price of $6).

The weapon swap was easier than
I thought it would be.
I also didn't want the chainfist to be his HTH weapon. Sure its good for tank and well...just bout anything killing, but with 2 wounds, and my usual dice rolling, odds are he'd die before ever getting to use it. Prowling around google for inspiration, I saw a wide variety of arm/weapon swaps and thought I'd give it a go myself.

Rather than a power weapon of some sort, I opted for a Word Bearers' Tainted Weapon. These little nasties are available to any Word Bearers character who can get a standard power weapon, and are swapped out for the power weapon's cost (which in this case is included with the termie armor). If anything, its a whole lot worse than the original chainsfist, as its just a basic close combat weapon in all respects aside from causing instant death. Against characters it has the potential to be quite worrisome to an opponent, but regular grunts? Meh, its a glorified knife. That said it does look mighty cool!

Looks menacing enough...
I'm sure you're wondering how this guy will fit in with an Alpha Legion army-well, prior to the Heresy, marines would often serve for a time with their brother-legions rather than their own. With the aim to exchange tactics as well as to create the link of camaraderie. Post-heresy (or rather, whilst its in progress...), I'm sure that still occurs, though under a different pretense.

Let's face it, the last time any of the primarchs trusted the Alpha Legion to have their back was when they were in the 2nd wave of the infamous dropsite massacre. Yeah, and how'd that work out for em? Following that, when Horus called on Alpharius to account for intentionally aiding the Raven Guard's survivors escape from the Istvaan system, it was revealed that the Alpha Legion had successfully infiltrated Corax's legion. It didn't take long for a shocked Horus (and Erebus who was at Horus' side) to realize the potential threat of Alpha Legion infiltrators within their own legions as well.

I need to fix that split in the vein-tendon-thing
that attaches underneath.
Thus, as usual...nobody trusts the 20th legion and to keep them on task, 'observers' will no doubt have been attached to the Alpha Legion under the guise of brotherhood and cooperation, whilst in actuality trying to keep a close watch on their supposed allies...

This marine is one of those observers.

His background fluff is still evolving, but I hope to have it fleshed out and ready to go for my next post. For now though, I'll let ya know that he's named in honor of a buddy of mine (and yes, he's a Word Bearer player):  Waaargh Pug.


Waaargh Pug said...

Awwwwwwwww yeeeeeeaaaaah.

Gonna observe the hell out of you! Your accursed miscreants of the 20th Legion had better be on task!

Seriously, though, this is amazing. I'll have to find a way to identify the infiltrator amongst my ranks when I get mine painted up, eh?

neverness said...

Hint: look for the guy who rants and raves a lot and laughs when the other marines miss with their shooting. Probably the guy you're gonna want to question. ;)

Kushial said...

Wait, I recognize that description. The infiltrator is Screech?

Mordian7th said...

Sweet build, man - that's a slick weapon swap and really gives the model a ton of personality!

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ Waaargh Pug: 8-D
Just keep an eye out for a marine with entirely too much ink wash on his armor...

@Neverness: Considering the crowd at every local game shop, that doesn't help much.

@Kushial: No. He's not that clever.

@Mordian: Thank you sir as always!