Thursday, October 20, 2016

Paint: I giveth, and I taketh away...


Man its been a busy day! Its damned near 10pm as I type this and really the only time I've had to just chill this evening was whilst eating dinner. Whew, being an adult and all that...yeah, it sucks.

Still looking kinda ugly...

Anyways, it wasn't like that all week, and as such I was able to get a bit more work done on my predator. All of the base coating has been added. Now its time to do the detail work before applying the decals and then slathering it in the usual ink wash. That last bit worries me as I never like the results of inking on large flat surfaces, but I'll deal with that problem later I guess.

As for the 'taketh away' part: I bought this jalopy off of ebay for a mere $17.

The pic straight from the ebay auction. 

On its arrival I found it was both poorly and only partially assembled. Normally this would be a complaint, but instead turned out to be a boon. Within minutes it was disassembled and most of it was soaking in the simple green. The crew were painted decently, and the bottom is already primed/painted black and they will be left as is.

The plan is to let the rest of it soak for a week or two, but knowing may remain in its chemical grave for upwards of a year or more. Or, until my beloved Wolfy asks: 'Honey, what the hell's in this container in the cabinet?'


Zzzzzz said...

I hope wolfie is still recovering.

I quite like the pred. 1st model ever ? So that's a 1980's one ?

The centurion is a great figure. I really quite like it.

And nice find on the falcon. Although seeing what you did with the Harlequin mask, I can't help the feeling that the falcon is going to end up decorating a titan base or something.

Da Masta Cheef said...

She is, yes. Thanks for asking! :-)

Yes that's the original version. Its been around the block a few times and fought in at least one GamesDay GT (as usual I ended up in the middle of the pack).

Thank you sir!

And lol, but no. I can't afford a titan. Actually I bought it for my Eldar Corsairs as they use Falcons as dedicated transports. The twin-linked shuriken catapult was missing, but they'll be replaced with a twin-linked splinter rifle (available per the Doom of Mynmeara v2) instead.

Admiral Drax said...

Ha! I love the 'Chris...what's this in the tub...?' queries.


Glad all's well!