Monday, November 21, 2016

Another round of Kill Team Carnage

For the first time in a little over 2 months, my beloved Wolfy and I made it to game night at the FLGS. Looking to play Kill Team, we ended up with five players which is one too many for our usual combination of the old 40k Carnage scenario and Kill Team mixed together. I suggested Screech set up in the middle and everyone else's collective objective would be 'GET HIM!'.

Instead however, after 15-20 minutes of hemming, hawing and general confusion in regards to how to fit everyone into the game, Wolfy opted to bow out and just play peanut gallery and combat camerawoman.

All of the combatants in action! The central statue (of Alpharius?) was the objective.

I was fielding my Alpha Legion who were masquerading as the Blood Angels (or a successor chapter, purely so I could use a heavy flamer in a tac. squad.). My force was fully painted.

Mac was using the Red Corsairs (which I gave him a few years back and considering their phenomenal paint jobs, I still have no regrets about that). Unsurprisingly, Mac's force was fully painted.

Pay no attention to the Corsairs hiding in the corner. Mac was rolling so badly (havoc missile launcher aside), that Screech's die rolls were elevated up to being mediocre!

Bob was fielding the accursed Dark Angels. Bob's force was almost entirely painted.

Screech was fielding the Tyranids. The 'nids were mostly base coated and one warrior was painted. No credit goes to Screech on that though as he bought them in that condition. Well Screech, with your Germans out of the picture for the time being, its time to get to it pal!

Whilst she didn't play, Wolfy's Exodites were all painted as well.

Attack of the little gribblies...

Anyways...As Mac's force was opposite me, and thus farthest away, I never once shot at him. In fact most of my combat was directed towards Screech's bugs, though Bob and I did kill 2-3 of each other's models (fucking Dark Angel plasma guns...).

My MVP by far war the Heavy Flamer marine who outflanked on the far side, right in front of a horde of Gaunts. He torched 3 and wounded a warrior as they all charged in to chop him up into little bits! Screech however was rolling horribly, and my marine held on for three turns taking at least one more little gribbly with him. I think I only lost one other marine to Screech's other blob of gribblies.

My Heavy Bolter marine's view of the battlefield.

In the end, Bob held the objective when Screech failed the roll to continue the game into turn six.  

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