Thursday, November 10, 2016



Just short of two full years after the (wildly optimistic) estimated delivery date of December 2014, my Maxmini Green Alliance WWII Orcs Kickstarter minis have arrived!

I may have pushed myself to the front of the line after a recent update showed a new sculpt that was (quote) 'holding up a lot of the orders' (or some such excuse to that effect). I however only had a squad of Orc Shooters, for which prototype sculpts were already cast at the time of the KS itself. So one screaming WTF?!? email later and I had an apology and shipping notice shortly thereafter. :-)

I bagged them up once a pair of matching arms were found to save me from having to figure it out again later.

Is that an E-tool, or a choppa?
The sculpts themselves are crisp and clean with little to no flash or mold lines! There are two kinda significant miscasts though, in the arm sockets, which are squared off to cleanly fit the required arms (which is a bit of a puzzle to figure out), 2 sockets, one each on two different Orc bodies are semi filled in. One is workable, the other...not so much. That said, I did get one extra Orc, and I have plenty of plastic GW Ork arms and bitz, so I'm sure I can make it all work.

I can't help but wonder if the Hillbilly sprue was chosen because I live in Tennessee.

In addition to the extra Orc, I also got an Old West/Hillbilly-like (Squig rustlers perhaps?) Orc head sprue and some ammo crates. Freebees are always good, though I would have liked more...yeah maybe that's kinda greedy, as there are a whole lotta people still waiting for their orders.

Here's hoping that theirs aren't too far off from delivery.

There are 2 Big Shoota Orks in da skwad.

Love the detail on these sculpts!
So what am I to do with em? Well, the original idea was to use em as a Blood Axe shoota boyz mob. Blood Axe Kommandos come to mind but they can't get shootas, so I'll just stick with the regular shoota boyz idea. Besides, its not like GW will ever make any Blood Axe boyz.

Given their WWII US Marines-esque appearance, I'm sure someone will say "BOLT ACTION!" (especially as I've never fielded actual humans for that game). But these are the same scale as 40k Orks, so they're ridiculously over-sized for BA. Konflict '47 perhaps? ...shrugs... Not sure and don't know if there's any interest in that game locally anyways.

For the moment I'm just happy to have my WWII Orks and will take a bit of a break from the Alpha Legion to put deez boyz toggevur!


neverness said...

Those look sweet! Gosh, it almost makes me wish I was actively working on orks these days...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Almost huh?

Anonymous said...

At this rate if he ordered them now he'd have them in two years which would be about when he gets back into orcs


Da Masta Cheef said...

Unfortunately, for whatever reason...MOST of what is in the KS won't be available outside of the KS. Not sure what will fall into that category, but I would think (or at least hope that) these wouldn't.

denis said...

а что произошло с проектом зеленый альянс? где можно купить этих орков? буду признателен за любую информацию