Monday, November 14, 2016

Coming unglued...


No longer
For years, well...probably close to 2 decades, I've been using Zap-a-Gap to assemble my minis. Sure there's a difficult one every now and again. Ya know, one of those models where the sculptors just assume that everybody loves pinning every fucking bit together, but luckily those miniatures are either rare, or more accurately:  rarely purchased.

However recently, my bottle of Zap-a-Gap finally ran out and I bought another, and that's when the problems began. That purchase coincided with the arrival of my new box of Betrayal of Calth Mk IV marines. My beloved Wolfy would ask what all the bitching was about, and all I could figure was GW changed the chemical composition of their plastics probably to something cheaper at our expense (one might assume) and the Zap-a-gap wasn't working near as well anymore. The glue worked, but took what what seemed like forever to set up.

She asked: "Maybe its the glue. Why don't you contact the company?"

Nope, I've used this stuff for years. Then I got my Urbanmech IIC and had one hellova time getting that little bastard together (which, for such a simple model should not have been the case). Gluing it (and others to their bases, and rocks to said bases also took an inordinate amount of time and Za-a-Gap to accomplish.

March of the trash cans...

Then came my Green Alliance Orks...and once again: WTF?!? Minis that dry fit together and in position almost perfectly and yet still, the glue won't set! Seriously?!? I fought with an Ork with a pistol and Shotgun, who's shoulder insert points were both mismolded, and the pegs to-be-inserted had to be removed for close to an hour before I gave up.

Fuck it, angry email time!

It looks kinda odd, but he's actually looking into the scope.

Actually It wasn't really angry, more of a "I've bought this stuff for well over a decade and now its not working, did you change the chemical formulation?' Their response:

Phone number redacted, not that it would help anyways...

Yes, I'm sure the distributor knows all about the chemical formulation of the products that they distribute. Certainly the schmuck who sent that, from the superglue company itself should have known how stupid of a response that was as he typed it. At least you would think that. My response to this customer service failure:

Into the trash the Zap-a-Gap went.

I was at Big Lots (which is about a half mile away) the other day and saw that they had Gorilla glue, so rather than drive 15-20ish miles to the FLGS, I just went and got that instead. My first mini in which to test out my new glue? The aforementioned Ork which the mis-molded shoulder sockets. I got the gel Gorilla Glue which is considerably thicker than what I'm used to, but it was easy to adjust the amount needed and the result: That Ork which was an exercise in fury to try to assemble with Zap-a-Gap, went together in no time at all with the gorilla glue.

Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!

So now I can go back to the assembly line, rather than cursing and swearing about the fact that none of the parts will fucking adhere to one another!

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