Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dreadtober WIP (6): The Multi-Melta


The multi-melta arm arrived and I quickly set about bringing up  to the point of the rest of my Salamanders' dread. I had hoped to achieve that by this post, but that didn't happen. I got about halfway though...

The cheapest available multi-melta arm was a Space Wolf one because-who the hell likes those guys anyways right? Right.

Luckily the Salamanders' artificers took to the arm right away, scraping off the imagery of the Emperor's misguided children and the laughable trinket dangling from the weapon's muzzle.

Once cleansed of the offending legion iconography, its was assembled...

...primed, and then base coated. 

Hopefully by my next post it'll be fully painted, but either way I ought to have enough time to finish the dread by month's end.

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