Monday, July 15, 2019

The (Eldar) Guardians of the Galaxy


Another recent purchase has arrived:

Taste the rainbow bitches!

Following our recent game in which I borrowed about 1/2 of my army from Neverness, I decided to bolster my Corsairs with some substantial (and dirt cheap) reinforcements! Clocking in at a mere $26, I got 33 obsolete Guardians. 

I'll add the weapon and shield after painting. This will be a difficult enough job as is.

Well, okay...the 6 with the metal shuriken catapults are still viable with the current Craftworlds codex. They've been primed in a bone color, and will be my 'test squad' for these new fangled GW contrast paints (whenever I get around to buying some). All they'll need is an easy-build box of Guardians  and the above weapons platform to flesh out the squad. 

Two lasgun Guardians had broken guns and were guinea pigs for conversionability. How difficult was that? Not very. In the top photo one can be seen with Dark Eldar arms and a splinter rifle. Those will likely get replaced (yet again), as will the vast majority of the lasguns (or rather lasblasters) with shard Carbines. 

Lasblasters are great and all, and suck it IG players, because that blob of 25 above, armed as they currently are will sling out 100 (assault) lasblaster shots (which strength and range wise are no different than lasguns) a turn.

HOWEVER...lasblasters are 7 points a piece. Meaning those same grunts clock in at a total of 16 points a piece as equipped!! By contrast the vastly more capable Craftworld Swooping Hawks clock in a 13 a piece. Worse yet, I have another 3 with lasblasters already as well. 

Just look up your friendly neighborhood Black Dagger Games on ebay...

So instead, for approximately 200 points less, I can swap out those lasblasters for shard carbines which are almost as good (6" less range and only 75 shots per turn), and clock in at 0 points. Conveniently, I found a bunch of 'em for $6 on ebay! I also got 3 dark eldar hell-glaives (I think?) which will serve as Corsair spar-glaives (Chainswords essentially, granting +1 CC attack and also 0 points). 

They ought to work as Storm Guardians as well.

So...I'll have a good bit of work to do on these guys before it comes time for a cohesive repaint. Luckily they're table top ready (if a bit expensive) as-is. That said, I've gotten the initial batch converted and I'm pleased with 'em so far:

I'm thinking that I'll need to scrounge up some more of those glaives, though I like the look of carbines as well!


WestRider said...

Old School! I remember those guys. I remember when they were armed with the exact same Lasguns as Guardsmen, too! Cool that the Corsair list makes them legit again, but dear lord that is an idiotic price point.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Hell, I was thinking of just counting them as the old, IG lasguns just for the discount (had I not found these carbine bitz so cheap)! I'm already going to be using my void dreamer so losing 'battle forged' wasn't a concern.

Siph_Horridus said...

Brilliant, love those old Guardians and really think guardians need to be represented on the table more to be fluff like.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed, given that they're essentially aspect warriors with a 5+ armor save, they are curiously absent from most armies.

Lasgunpacker said...

Great conversion to make use of those, and they should match up nicely with the metal Eldar if you get any of those.

You might consider reposing a few heads though, just to add some variety!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks! Not sure on the head repositioning though. Its a good idea but might be difficult as they kinda lack necks...guess I could sacrifice one as a test model (and its only a sacrifice if it doesn't work).