Thursday, July 4, 2019

Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer for 8th Ed.


So...I'm a pretty big fan of Foreworld's Eldar Corsairs, and I say that despite have next to none of them (and out of my small collection, none of them are actual Forgeworld minis). Corsairs were the Swiss army knives of the Eldar before they were effectively liquidated by Forgeworld when 8th ed was released. 

Such an awesome image and yet I have no idea who created it. 

Sure they have a handful of datasheets, but GW's sudden 'if we don't already make a model for it, then there will be no datasheet for it' mentality that curiously ignores their decades of character/unit customizability (something few if any other games systems could even come close to) killed the Corsairs as an army. Sure, sure, Foregworld's roolz boyz opted for the lowest of low hanging fruit in the 2018 FAQ with the following statement: :

Corsair Reaver Band, Abilities Add the following ability: ‘Corsairs: So long as your Warlord is Aeldari, you can include this unit in a Patrol, Battalion, or Outrider Detachment even if that Detachment contains no HQ units. However, if you do so, that Detachment’s Command Benefits are changed to ‘None’.’

Okay sure, that technically works but...the lack of an actual HQ still irks the hell out of me. This past weekend I just fielded my Corsairs as an auxiliary support detachment. However with reinforcements coming via ebay, I'll soon have enough Corsairs for a patrol detachment, and for that I'd like an HQ of some sort to lead it. 

Thus, I thought I'd forge my own fucking narrative and opted for the next-to-the-lowest hanging fruit: the Void Dreamer. In prior editions, Void Dreamers are the navigators of Corsair fleets, and on the table top, were essentially glorified Warlocks with a few more options for wargear, with...for the most part, a vastly inferior selection of mediocre psychic abilities.

That said, they were also cheap, and thus my usual go-to HQ choice. Never having a large number of corsairs myself, I figured most 'Princes' couldn't be bothered with such small and insignificant actions. Besides, I already have 2 Index Autarchs, so there's no need for a Corsair equivalent in my collection.

I still have the mini that I had used as a Void Dreamer previously, the original Farseer mini, and given said Farseer's abysmal performance last weekend, where he failed to cast ANYTHING for the first 3 turns (yes, even with rerolls), he was in for a demotion. Rather than just making him a Warlock however, is Exodite brethren gave him the boot apparently, and to navigate the stars for a bunch of pirates he goes...

As such I just took the Warlock page out of the Craftworlds codex PDF, and altered it to my liking to change the Warlock into a Void Dreamer :

Right-click and save as...

Slightly off topic but still very relevant, I'm sure you'll note that I nerfed the brace of pistols down from a D6 to a D3 (doing the same for my other Corsairs as well). I just didn't like the idea that en entire faction could be (assuming you rolled high) better gunslingers than the average 30k Moritat or hell, even Cypher! Oh, and one more thing: I dropped the higher price for the Felarch making it a free squad upgrade just like every other squad Sgt./Nob/Exarch/etc. in the GAME! Seriously, why hasn't THAT been FAQ'd yet???

Pistols and squad leaders aside, I figured that most of the Void Dreamers' Psyhic abilities would be navigationally oriented, and thus of minimal utility on the battlefield. So the only offensive power he has is the Warlock's Destructor version of Smite. However given the Dreamer's talents of reading the warp, he/she can attempt to dispel two psychic powers a turn. That makes my Void Dreamer kind of a defensive leader (which I'll admit is odd for pirates), but is hardly game breaking. 

I'm sure he/she has other powers, but I'd imagine being able to psychically sail a freighter (why on earth I stripped this mini of that wonderful paint job I'll never know...) through an ethereal, soul-screaming patch turbulence has little table top merit. 

The 'condensed for my collection' point values, omitting all of
the other Forgeworld goodies I neither have nor can afford
(without purchasing them from our Russian friends...).

Point costs for the Void Dreamer are the same as the warlock, and the costs of his wargear are also unchanged.

I'll be using this guy going forward (with my opponents' permission of course), though I honestly don't see any reason why they would object to it.  

Also, for all of the Americans out there: Happy Independence day! Now go out there, drink heavily, barbecue, and (carefully?) play with your explosives!


neverness said...

This is brilliant stuff!

I wouldn't totally sell your Farseer short in that last game, yeah the dice were not on his side but that round where he Smited the crap out of the two guys attacking him was pretty sweet. But I do agree that you were nuts to strip off that gorgeous paint job he had...

WestRider said...

Looks like a good set of Rules to me. And yeah, I agree on that paint job. It looked great. (I always liked that Farseer Model. I had one once that I got from my brother when he quite 40K, and I've always kind of regretted that I sold it off with the rest of his Eldar.)

Also, Variance Hammer just did a post looking at Counts-as for Corsairs in 8th. I found it an interesting read, even tho I have no use for the information as such:

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Neverness: Thanks! Though I'm thinking that last minute spite was out of desperation more than anything. 2-3 turns of badly needed 'Fortunes' were terribly missed. As for that paint job, I honestly don't even recall that mini ever being painted (much less stripped of it). Rather I was just looking form y Victims Eternal fluff. Ironically, I was thinking of painting that purple, guess I won't now...

@WestRider: Thanks! And yeah, that's always been my favorite Farseer mini. I've had a few other, less memorable sculpts over the years, all of which have long since been ebayed. Also thanks for the heads up on the count-as post! I'll check it out here shortly!