Thursday, September 23, 2021

Da boyz iz back in town!


My assembled Kill Team Ork Kommandos:

Honestly, they really are beautiful sculpts!

As I've sold off my KT rules and tokens, these will instead be folded into my Ork army's scant infantry forces (increasing it by almost a third)! The only speshulists built were the rokkit launcha boy to round out my Tankbustas to an even dozen (+ bomb squig), and da snipa which will serve as a big shoota since his gun is already a big shoota with stock, scope and flash suppressor added. 

I also modified the sluggas with the horizontal muzzles that made them look more like giant flat-head screws rather than gun barrels-seriously what the hell is up with that design? Are da boys stealing shuriken ammo from da panzies now? I think not...

Oops! I forgot to add in the mouthful of grenades. Oh well...

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neverness said...

Looking forward to da next scap!