Thursday, January 20, 2022

Star Schlock Astro-Guard

Psst: Did you hear that?
Hear what...?
(slight pause)...that. Better go check it out... 

The squad as a whole.

The guy with the red striped helm is the Squad sergeant/leader.

Judging by these sculpts, the sculptor apparently likes his women petite and leggy. 

The squad ID numbers are on the backs of their helmets. 

One of these is not like the others...

There are 10 unique sculpts so that there are no duplicates within each squad. However I grabbed two of the same and as such they have different numbers on them. The second set of 'twins' in the back will get the same treatment whenever I paint the 2nd squad. 

This marks the first full squad complete for me in 2022. I batch painted these which isn't much fun though is effective, and cranked them out over the course of two days. The last two days of my 'Rona quarantine in fact (the bofors turret in my prior post was also mostly a quarantine project). 

Of course I only started painting on all of these once I returned to the realm of the living. Usually I hear folks complaining that towards the end of their quarantines that they're bored out of their minds. I'd imagine that most mini painters like myself instead find themselves being rather productive.  

Sweep & clear in progress. 

I got these minis plus a 2nd squad along with almost as many robots, which sorta look like kitchen accessories with legs (think free roaming coffee grinders), out of the Star Schlock Kickstarter a little ways back. These have a bit of an old school Imperial Guard feel and I painted them to suit rather than the garish colors seen in the KS itself. 

Sergeant and the lasgun support trooper.

Interestingly, these came with 20mm bases, and I based everything on those aside from the 2 support weapon troopers per squad which are on 25mm bases (one of which was by necessity). As such these guys (and gals) now work perfectly in my cavern terrain, with only the support troopers having to stick to the wider corridors/caverns. I think that's a bit representative of their weapon's unwieldiness in tight quarters.  

Best not stop and smell those alien flowers, they're likely toxic!

The squad sergeant (denoted by the red stripe on his helmet) and 7 other basic grunts are only armed with pistols, with the support troops having a lasgun and grenade launcher equivalents. Thus I figure they're essentially Redshirts an 'away team' sent to a planetary surface, or an asteroid mining facility or whatever to investigate...something

The two likely heading to their doom that were in the first pic (and of the 'in action' pics, this one is my fav!). 

My buddy Hoss is a fan of this mini line and is wanting to try Stargrave. I'm guessing these guys along with my cavern terrain will be excellent for trying that game out (once I refamiliarize with the rulebook...).   

Another group shot, looking a bit more dynamic than they did on my kitchen counter top!


Monkeychuka said...

totally worth being in quarantine! I might have to steal your colour scheme at some point.

Da Masta Cheef said...

The 2nd half of quarantine, yes. The first half is best avoided at all costs!

As for the away team, I was originally aiming for the Tantive IV troopers, but ended up going kinda old school IG (or a combination thereof I guess).