Monday, November 8, 2010

The Boys in Blue

No, no, no, not the Ultramarines, I sold that army years ago…

As you can see, I painted up four AoBR tac. Marines up as an Alpha Legion squad yesterday to go with the ‘Deathwatch’ sergeant I had painted previously. I darkened the blue a bit, using a base coat of Mordian blue with a light dry brush of enchanted blue. I had to redo the shoulder pad on the Sgt. Asmadore (named after a character in the book The boys from Santa Cruz. Good book, read it sometime) as a result; I also tweaked his paint job a bit. Adding the green helmet strip to match the rest of the squad, and changing the eye lens color to blood red, as the purple had little contrast (especially on the Mordian blue guys). I ordered a SM captain banner off of ebay today. I’ll add it to one of the grunts, and use it as the squad’s ‘icon to Chaos Glory’.

This squad will pull double duty between my Vraks militia and CSM armies. In the Vraks list, FW actually suggests using loyalist marines painted as Alpha Legion with the line ‘we’re in disguise’. Whereas with the CSMs, on the one hand I have The Purge, a Nurgle worshipping warband, that’s hell bent on the extermination of all life and on the other I have the remnants of my Blood Eagles. A warband that was shattered by the experiments of Fabius Bile. Those few that remain now worship Malal, and are intent on destroying the forces of Chaos.

Not exactly likely allies.

Indeed if anyone could form an alliance between those two, it would be the Alpha Legion. Though to what end or purpose, only Tzeentch (if anyone at all) would know…

No time to dwell on that thought though, Murl's 13th Cadian is advancing in this direction, and I need to set up the table and prep the CSMs for battle!

See ya.

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Da Masta Cheef said...

AAR:Pitched battle, Annihilation vs. IG =Pickett's charge. My CSM right flank disintegrated under concentrated firepower. The center got stuck in some ruins and after moving a mere 7" in 3 turns, gave up & just played fire support. The left flank, despite horrid casualties, connected with the IG line. Those few ragged survivors, along with the concentrated fire support from the predator managed to pull a win out for me.

It was a damned frustrating win though. The game MVP has to be the 'Ultrabunny' (spawn) who repeated shook, stunned & eventually immobilized a leman russ taking that infernal thing out of the game for the last 3 turns.