Monday, November 22, 2010

Lesser Demons and other dangers...

I wasn't in the mood to paint anything in particular this week, so I just grabbed a random handful of minis and three actually got painted. First up Lesser demons:

Actually I just painted the blue one in the middle (though I did flock the other two as well). I'm always asked 'Why aren't they red?' Well, because demons in the chaos codex suck! Hence the odd colors to differentiate them from Bloodletters. Reduced to the lesser demon state, these guys obviously failed in the eyes of Khorne and are now suffering in their own private hell. I have a sprue of five Pink Horrors on order which will also be painted various colors (but not pink).

Next up, an Exodite and a WHFB Orc:

Strange bedfellows these two are.

The Orc is nothing special, I really should paint some more of those, but WHFB is kinda low priority. I did enjoy my only game of 8th ed., but I haven't exactly been in a rush to try it again either. The Exodite on the other hand is a very dangerous mini for me.

Of course not as dangerous as he was for that Rat & 'Mon'keigh'.

Minis like this often end up forming armies. I've had Eldar armies before, three separate ones going all the way back to 2nd. ed. (the token 4th ed. DE starter force not included), but that's an army that requires finesse. Something which I have none of. However while digging through the bits box last week looking for something, I kept finding Eldar bits and figured I could build a mini from them (never found whatever it was I was looking for originally). I had most of one, but lacked legs and the back was pretty gunked up. Another troll through the box found a metal Dark Elf (sans spear), the rat cloak, and enough to piece together a splinter rifle. Whether that was taken as a trophy, or these guys deal with both their Craftworld & Dark kin is anyone's guess (yes,the fluff may actually state a 'yes' or 'no' but this guy doesn't have access to to such knowledge as I have no Eldar codices). So I put it all together & wahlah! An Exodite. The wild environs and 'rustic' lifestyle of the Exodites (relative to the rest of the Eldar) also sorta justifies me painting him up as a dirty model.

Dirty Eldar? Sounds like an oxymoron!

I always liked the Exodites actually. Could I realistically make a viable army of these guys, I doubt it. Should I try, an emphatic NO! Will I? Sorta, maybe. Probably be a kill team sized unit at most. I was thinking of doing a DE kill team, but despite the pretty new models, I'm kinda 'meh' towards the idea. A kill team is more of a foot slogging bunch I think, and that doesn't fit the DE in my mind. In the end, it may just be an opportunity to paint something different, that will sit on the shelf till the novelty wears off (sounds like my last War Machine army), and it eventually winds up on ebay (because we play kill team next to never around here).

We'll see I suppose.

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