Monday, November 29, 2010



No I didn't go to any GW sanctioned events this weekend, but I did paint some tanks! Here is my finished Executioner. This took a lot less time that I had anticipated which was a pleasant surprise! Its a definite improvement over my old color scheme which took forever to paint!

Not wanting to go with the famed penal legions (like Colonel Schaeffer's 666th.) I've opted for the 'Mortis 8th' No fluff as of yet, however decals for the tanks are easily acquired. I'm not sure yet as to whether or not the number two represents the vehicle/squadron/company.

After finishing the Executioner I had only a few WHFB Orcs to paint but they weren't high on my list to work on. So, I was out and about on 'Black Friday' (no not the early morning madness) I stopped by our FLGS for some paint and borrowed the store's display army rhino to work on. The store has a new GW rep, who was apparently displeased with the FLGS not having any armies on display, and so donated a CSM battle force. As such, we, the local player base have started on painting it. The Black Legion was picked as it is both an easy as well as forgiving color scheme.

When assembled it had every possible accessory added to it, ugh. Several bits were summarily popped off, though the damage was done. Whatever glue they used for assembly it was taking portions of the hull along with it. The Nurgle icon was on sideways (the only reason its on this otherwise clean tank, is that there was a gargoyle stuck to the front, and after removal left a crater, the icon covered it nicely).

So anyways, the hull is basically done, and now I just need to paint and reapply the spike/trophy racks and such. I may add a bit of grime to the lower hull, but in general this will be a fairly clean tank. It looks alright I suppose, hopefully the FLGS will like it. If not, well, black covers everything on a repaint...


Papa JJ said...

Really nice work on the tanks. The Executioner looks great and I love all the extra gear you have loaded onto it. The chaos star on the Rhino's top hatch looks fantastic! They'd be crazy not to be pleased with it.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Heh, thanks! That star was the cause for one hellova headache! Shining gold isn't the best color for covering black, indeed it took 2 layers of Iyanden Darksun to get a good solid coverage and another 2 in gold.

As for the Executioner, I've always like tanks that are both dirty & grimy, as well as festooned with gear and kit. I think it makes them look more realistic.