Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Inquisition sent us, we're here to help...


No progress has been made on the Grot Spee, typical. I have been kinda busy though with real life stuff. About the only thing that I've done in the past two days was assemble & paint my Alpha Legion 'Sergeant'.

The shoulder is enchanted blue, & doesn't look nearly as bright in person, however there isn't enough contrast between that & the Legion decal to really show in the photo. Looks just fine on the mini though.

Go figure.

This is kindova 'Frankenstein' of parts, but after finding a Deathwatch shoulder pad, I just had to use it! The signum is purely decorative, but like the DW shoulder, looks too good to leave in the bits box. I could have used the DW bolter too, but I liked the look of the Templar bolter that's chained to the forearm.

I have no plans for an Alpha Legion army, however the Vraks list allows for a single Alpha squad as an elite choice, and they can also fight with my CSMs. The Vraks list suggests painting up loyalists as Alpha legion, so that's what I'm going to do. My current plan is for a 5 man squad with the remaining four guys being from the AoBR set. Besides, to some podunk PDF commander, any marines that answer a summons for help are sure to inspire awe. Even more so when considering the fact that their leader is bearing Inquisitorial insignia!

The poor bastards would only realize who's side they're on after its far too late to turn back...

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