Thursday, June 23, 2011

Da Orktown


Personally, I think the Ork battleships for BFG are...well, vile to look at. So needless to say I refuse to spend $30+ on something that fits that description. Some ways back I bought a Ork battleship kunvershun off of ebay that was really just a mass conglomeration of bitz that really makes for a better looking BS than the GW ones. Wanting to expand the fleet, but with funds directed towards other things right now, buying more kroozers was out. So rummaging through the ol' bitz box, I thought I'd try my hand at building some more myself (especially as the Ork Royul & it's sister ship da' Ork-N-Saw turned out pretty well).

Quickly (if not immediately) exceeding the approximate size of a kroozer, da battleship 'Orktown' came together:
I've decided on the 'Gorbag's Revenge' class which is essentially a 'supa karrier' and is rather fitting considering it's WWII namesake. The Gorbag's revenge also has a variable torpedo launch capacity. Not sure what to use for torpedo launchas, I found a bunch of Ork ammo belts, and mounted them externally (don't ask how they get reloaded). In all some 23 'torpedoes' are scattered about the hull (mainly on the ventral side) as well as 3 launch bays and lots of gunz! Of course an inordinate numba of 'supa engines' are also included!

I'm not sure if it looks all 'good & propa' just yet, or if more junk needs to be added, but it's off to a good start i think.

Just an fyi, next week's Mondayish post may be late as I'm heading out of town for an extended weekend @ Mom's in Florida.

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