Friday, June 10, 2011



After posting pics of my Blood Bowl templates yesterday, eriochrome generously measured his own passing template and left those measurements in my post comments. As my template was way off, I revised it & you can see the side-by-side comparison of the two at right. This evening when I go to play Dark Heresy, I'll bring my templates along for a comparison to the real things. Many thanks again to eriochrome!

While on the subject of changes, my old Dark Hands (and originally Iron Hands) Landraider Cursader entered the chop shop last night for a bit of cosmetic alteration.

Old parts on the left, and new on the right, and a last look @ the engine.

It now belongs to the Aurora Chapter. The front doors didn't come out quietly as expected, and so the new ones were trimmed and glued into place (hiding the engine & the white Iron Hands interior). On one hand that sucks (cause its all painted) and on the other it doesn't (because the FW doors never lined up right, so they didn't open in unison, nor ever close all the way). I'm sure that someone will question the Imperial/Crimson Fists icons that were used for the Iron hands, and the reason for that is this tank was purchased well before IH doors were available. The Aurora will instead just get some custom decals for their doors.


The Inner Geek said...

Several years ago I made a custom Blood Bowl field and up scaled it so even 'Big Guys' fit in the squares. I had to up scale the templates too, which was a pain. The game was pretty cool on a bigger (looking) field though.

War Frog said...

Yay for metal boxes, the chitinous horde loves those for scratching posts. On a side note I think I have a few extra human BB players (2 passers 4 linemen)that I was going to put on the FeeBays for sell. Let me know if you need any more, they are free to a good home.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ The Inner Geek: Mine''s built to the 30mm scaled box, which is pretty much the standard size, so the templates should work alright when matched to the actual GW ones. I do recall the big guys causing problems though...

@War Frog: Given that I already face an overtly psychic nidzilla list that claims to 'not' be optimized on a weekly basis, and that I'm considering borrowing some minis to throw 30 sternguard @ them, go ahead & shoot @ the big ol' box. The SG are more important.

I already have 2 passers, 2 catchers, 7 linemen & 3 Blitzers. So I'm running a bit light on the Blitzers, you wouldn't happen to have any extras of those would you?

eriochrome said...

Standard pitch size is like 28 mm squares so 30 is slightly big so you might want to upscale the template a small amount. GW made their gamesday pitch last year with 25 mm squares so it seemed.

Da Masta Cheef said...

The new passing template is essentially a carbon copy of the original. But not the range brackets land in the middle of squares, so not sure if that's correct or not. In hindsight, I should've checked to see how the orig. template aligns to an original board.