Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recycling a Rhino...again.


Rumors of the forthcoming Witch Hunters PDF codex spell doom for my multitude of Inquisitorial circus side shows (including the vaunted Imperial Forestry Service). Murl lent me the GK codex and I could theoretically field the all henchmen army, but I don't really see that working as my inquisitorial retinues were built more around visual appearance & general amusement, rather than effectiveness. Well, usually. The last time I geared them towards 'effectiveness' was when I wanted to broadcast to Murl that I was sick of facing his Demons for 6 months straight (it worked quite well as I recall).

Anyways, I've already sold a few of my dedicated DH inquisitors & flunkies and now my sights are turning towards the Hereticus. First victim: Inquisitor Franklin's Rhino. Lately (indeed more often than not), this was 'borrowed' by my Alpha Legion squad. Grand-Theft-Rhino, coming to a console near you! Wearing loyalist power armor and led by an aspiring champion wearing the colors of the Deathwatch, who in the imperial motor pool would deny them access? The fact that they're riding to battle against the Imperium in an inquisitorial rhino was a delicious irony!

Well no more, the Alpha Legion has taken permanent possession of the rhino (as well as 2 more AoBR recruits, and a fine cast [or is that 'fail cost'?] Emperor's Champion who will fill the role of the FW special character Arkos the Faithless). First order of business was to strip it of it's excessive Necromunda armor so that the side doors may be used again. Second was the removal of the Inquisitorial roof hatch, as well as various other bits & pieces.

I think I bought this off of ebay, as I recall having to add plasti-card to various locations to cover up damage. Whether it was damage inflicted by my conversion work or some earlier owner I don't recall. It looks to have some SW gray paint meaning it once belonged to the accursed dogs of Russ (an offense that locally, will no doubt move this up on the list of target priorities). Stripped of it's offending parts, and sanded where needed (some glue is permanent), I then delved into a big bag of spare tank parts which had generously been donated by War Frog a few weeks back.

At right is it's current re-remanufactured state. The Havoc is not yet glued in place as it'll ease painting the requisite Dave Taylor-esque star on top. Towards completion I'll probably add some more roof spikes as well. I had to rebuild the trim just forward of the side door pictured, it was hacked up quite badly under the Necromunda armor. I may need to sand that down a bit more, but it looks reasonable I think. I still need to come up with something that looks like hinges for the side doors as well. However it's current state (sans havoc) is good enough for table top use, and indeed it will be used this coming weekend when 'The Rebel Alliance' (my CSMs) invades the FLGS.


neverness said...

...I hope you didn't ditch all of your inquistion models, some of them could be handy in future DH games... (I loved Inquisitor Franklin! Such a bad-ass!)

Da Masta Cheef said...

I'm thinking that Franklin would make an excellent 'Boris' in the future (assuming Boris survives).

A few have gone, but the majority, no. The Cawdor sure as hell aren't getting sold!

Rob lent me his GK codex, in looking through it, I could try the Henchmen army, but Doubt it would viable. That said it looks like it would be the only way to use all of my various retinues. Specifically the Forestry Service & Obsolete assassin could work in that book, however none of the GK themselves really interest me. That pretty much eliminates all of the heavy firepower available (and thus viability).