Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still haven't read the rules but...

...everything else is coming along fine!


As you can see I made some templates for Blood Bowl. The sideline & scatter (or is it bounce?) templates were quite easy, still not too sure on the passing template though. Finding images of these online is something of a challenge. In the end I just used the photos in various ebay auctions to provide a visual reference for each. The passing template looks to be three squares long per range bracket and two wide (inside the border), and so made it as such. Until I see it next to an actual passing template though (or someone confirms that for me) I'm not sure if it's accurate or not.

The templates are probably the hardest part of BB necessities to recreate (aside from blocking dice, more on that below) as they need to be transparent. Luckily for me, I work at a printing company as I've said before. Everything is slowly going digital, however we still have a huge film processor which allowed me to output these as film positives. Also even just playing around in Illustrator/photoshop/whatever when we're slow is considered to be 'training' (I actually did learn a thing or two while making the BB board the other day). So management has had no complaints with my recreation efforts this week.

On the painting front, I painted my three extra players (the ones where the simple green/scrubbing method didn't work too well) as game markers. The thrower will be my score marker, whereas the other two will be for turns & rerolls. I'm not sure which will go to which, but it doesn't really matter I suppose. In actuality, they'll probably be used for both eventually.

I also joined the NAF, mainly as that is the cheapest way to get a set of blocking dice. Prowling around online, blocking dice range in price from $3.15 ea., to 3.75 GBP (plus shipping), and on up to just stupidly priced (sometimes) on ebay. The NAF looks to be centered around tourneys & the like, but for $10 (which is still rather high) the were the cheapest way to buy a new set of blocking dice.

Of course joining was an exercise in fury (and nerd rage is something I'm quite good at) as the needed activation code to activate my account didn't arrive in the 'you're an official member email', and trying to get one via the password retrieval link was accomplishing nothing! Two hours later an activation code email arrived (shouldn't that have been in the first email that was instantly sent?) and I was able to access it (but not before a screaming email was sent). The dice should be arriving in 4-6 weeks, give or take.

And last but not the least...

Here are the first five of my Exodite Swooping Hawks (using the FW corsair conversion kits). I'm going to run two squads of five. The female exarch (always a novelty when Banshees aren't involved) has a power sword & lasblaster, whereas the 2nd exarch will have either a sun rifle or...whatever the other funky gun is called. Not really having much to work with for a conversion, I spliced together a shuriken catapult & lasblaster to make the exarch's gun. Hopefully it'll look decent once painted (and even if it doesn't, you can at least tell that it's not just the standard gun that's called something else). Still not sure if I'm going to call them something different as they're Exodites (Hawk Warriors doesn't sound too bad), or just keep the standard name.


eriochrome said...

Passing template info:

width 5cm, overall length 40.6cm; with the quick, short and long passes at 10cm, long bomb at 8cm, and the thrower's area 2.6cm.

eriochrome said...

Full length - 41.2 cm.

Full width - 5 cm.

Length from edge to Quick Pass - 2.65 cm.

Quick length - 10.05 cm

Short length - 10.05 cm

Long length - 10.05 cm

Long Bomb length - 7.95 cm

Length from Long Bomb to edge - .45 cm

Width of increments - 3.6 cm

Another set of measurements, pretty similar.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Excellent sir & thank you so much! I've made a revised template to those specs & will post it up tomorrow.

neverness said...

...Warfrog and I have the templates, if wanted to like, trace them or something...?

Da Masta Cheef said...

A scanner would work actually, I'll bring the revised tonight to compare mine to.