Thursday, March 14, 2013

Magos Diabolicus


I took a break from my mind numbingly repetitive 'old school marine' painting to work on some Chaos cultists. The only issue I have with the new cultist minis are their two champions. A power weapon option would have been nice, but I guess those are taken away by their CSM overlords lest they get get kinda uppity and try and stab a CSM in the back.

Plus, I don't like the fact one just has 2 CCWs. True a laspistol isn't much, but he ought to at least have a gun (the shotgun toting former Commissar is decent at least i guess). Anyways, the other day I noticed that at some point in time I had ordered the Cadian Command squad bitz, and so used them to turn the champion with the 2 CCWs into a low level functionary of the Dark Mechanicus. Thus he is now a Magos Diabolicus:

I guess his power sword no longer works as such. I'm sure the Dark Mechanicus has realized just how pointless it is to chant and burn incense in an attempt to get a machine to work. For a gun, he now has a laspistol servo-skull with a silencer!  I'm thinking that his squad will get a Mark of Tzeentch, as the 6+ save will be sort of a throw back to the bionics saves of old.

I ordered another squad of 10 with autoguns via ebay, to make a nice blob of 20 to support The Purge and Blood Eagles. I'm still painting them in blue and gray as a pseudo Tyrant's Legion to be lead around by my lone Red Corsair 'Centurion' (CSM Lord) who's on a standard GW 25mm base. Here's a few more of them:

This brings me up to 5 painted Legion auxiliaries.

The Cultists with the pistols and CCWs will go with the Red Corsairs via the bases that were recently vacated by the plague bearers and daemonettes (and were subsequently given to Murl).  $50 is a bit much to spend on a codex just to use 16 minis. Harold will instead be used as a sorcerer and will lead his new band of cultists. The Red Corsairs meanwhile will treat them as the cannon fodder that they are, much like they did when Harold was leading the daemons.

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Hive Angel said...

Dr. Doom failed at fighting the Fantastic Four in both movies.
Dr. Doom then turns to the will of Chaos.
Dr. Doom now with a new wardrobe change and new arsenal is kicking ass in 40K.

He looks cool.