Monday, March 25, 2013


lol, no that's not the Stirland battle cry.

Well, not normally anyways. However when my court Jester/army mascot is on the field, it might be. While I've only just base coated the rider, yesterday I finished his pig mount:

This really was a fun model to paint, and the rider is quite comical as well!
I've switched his mocking identity though. Rather than making fun of a visiting representative of the Emperor in Altdorf, mainly because Leichburg is such a backwater that no one in Altdorf would have ever heard of it. Oh it might be on a tattered old map buried in the official Imperial archives somewhere, but that's the best that my army of Leichberg could hope for. However looking at the Fluff for Stirland, one thing that has always been a sore point of contention is the Moot.

When the Moot was created, it took a goodly portion of Stirland's best farmland with it, and Stirlanders have always been bitter about this. Thus, with the Moot's colors being green and red, the jester and his mount will represent the Moot's political leader: Elder Stoutfart (yes really, that's how its

...and in other news...

I got in three games last week, though sadly my beloved Orks went 0:2. First up was a smallish 750 point game (I say' smallish' as the green tide never is) with a foot slogging green tide vs. my GF who was again fielding my CSMs. She wasn't pleased feeling it was a technical win, but a win is a win (though I also don't like technical wins). Then da' boyz loaded up in every transport they could find, and brought along a few looted wagons for good measure to take on theBob's Dark Angels. All was going well till they realized that they had flanked da' oomies. Whenever I flank my enemies I lose. Which means that once again, I did.

So much for tactical maneuvers...

Skipping back to Friday night, Hive Angel and I had decided on an urban warfare Battletech game after I posted my urbanmech in the previous post. Ironically though, the Urbie wasn't used in the game it spawned. He took plenty of photos, and a battle report will be forthcoming (provided he doesn't lose all of his notes this time...). Much fun was had into the wee hours of the morning, and i was kinda zombie-like for most of Saturday as a result. It was all good though.


Hive Angel said...

The strangest stuff comes from your workbench.

Late night Battletech show was great. I think I take to look to move dah chopas though. Best of all we saw an SRM carrier actually fire.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, I do like a variety of minis.

And yes that SRM carrier hurt. I mean it REALLY hurt! The choppers might be fine in open terrain, but having to dodge skyscrapers while hunting mechs really limits their use.

Rifkind Wolfwalker said...

Okay but back to the best part of this post... the awesome pig! He's so cute and hilarious! Definitely one of my favorite minis you've painted (well 2nd to my blondewolf of course).
<3 <3 <3