Monday, March 11, 2013

The state of war in the Appalachian sub-sector.


My fairly 'generic' horde of loyalist spess mahreenz has gone for a bit of a switch here recently. I've split my forces into two roughly even sized forces, one of the Storm Wardens, and one of the Dark Angels' reserve companies. Really I only wanted the Dark Angels as allies, but most are still only primed and as i prime both forces in the same color, the individual army proportions may vary some in the future.

The real reason for my DA contingent (aside from being green) is that I wanted some flakk missiles so I wouldn't have to haul fortifications around. That and due to the old (and by most everyone else's standards fugly) 2nd ed minis, the total army cost was a mere $40 for the codex (yay, store credit!).

However as you all know, I'm a fluff bunny at heart and would prefer a more interesting back story for my guys than 'I just wanted flakk missiles'. Thus, I came up with the following:

Date: 714.M41:

After being thrown 20,000 light years off course by the Hadex Anomaly, the Storm Wardens' Strike Cruiser
Glendwyr's Lament and the embarked 4th Company has since been engaged in the cleansing of the 'Southern reaches' of the Appalachian sub-sector during which it has fought all manner of foul denizens and adversaries. The continuous fighting on multiple worlds has left the 4th Company in a woeful state, with heavy casualties, and their consumables and supplies running low. To make matters worse, the 4th's charismatic leader, Captain 'I killed Draigo' was recently laid low by the woefully infected blade of the infamous Chaos Lord Miasmos, leader of the Purge warband. While he will recover…eventually, the Captain will not be fit for battle for the foreseeable future. Command had fallen to the company's librarian whom was relegated to ship borne duties only as he also is recovering from extensive wounds suffered in combat.

With the 4th Company effectively leaderless, and pushed almost to the breaking point, the
Lament sent forth an astropathic missive to Sacris, the Storm Warden's home world, in hopes of a recall to return and rebuild the company. Word returned to 'hold the line' till resupply and reinforcements were sent. The 4th however was little reassured as at least seven full companies of the Storm Wardens are currently involved in the Achilus Crusade. Still, they scaled back operations and continued to persecute the Imperium's enemies wherever and whenever they could under their current circumstances.

After approximately one Terran year, the small Rogue Trader
Divinity rendezvoused with the Lament. Much needed supplies and stores were taken aboard to replenish the Strike Cruiser's stocks. However of the the promised reinforcements, only but one Marine had arrived. Captain Ozwald D'Kraken, recently returned from his exile with the Inquisition's Deathwatch.

My recently updated D'Kraken model. Its fitting that his colors now match the army he inspired.

During his exile, D'Kraken had been elevated from battle brother, to the rank of Captain by that secretive institution. His honors and the actions which earned him that rank, are entirely unknown to all aside from the Deathwatch and D'kraken himself. However, he has been silent about his past actions in service of the Deathwatch per Inquisitorial order.

Having left the Storm Wardens under suspicion after his brief service in both the 10th and 6th companies, D'Kraken wasn't expected to ever return to his home Chapter. Just why he did return is only known to the Inquisition and Chapter Master Maclir, However D'Kraken was issued with an Inquisitorial decree absolving him of any past suspicions due to his time of service. With the Crusade requiring the Maclir's full attention, D'Kraken's return was an unwanted inconvenience. However, the 4th's call for assistance came shortly thereafter, and the Chapter Master sent his unwanted charge off to lead the beleaguered 4th Battle Company.

Needless to say, the 4th Company  wasn't too pleased with their new commander, his past reputation, or their current overall situation. Yet holding true to their respect of the chain of command and their loyalty to their Chapter Master, D'Kraken was given command of the 4th despite their misgivings. Many of the 4th's survivors fear D'Kraken was sent to them in hopes he would die before he returned home again. Readings of the Emperor's tarot by the company's librarian has raised the concern over whether or not the remaining members of the 4th company will be sacrificed in that endeavor.

Chapter Master Maclir's orders to D'Kraken were to press the attack on all fronts, yet on his arrival, he was to find the 4th down to a little less than 20% of operational combat strength. Used to small unit actions, D'Kraken was undeterred, however engaging in large scale warfare with so few marines was a challenge he was not prepared for, that however, is when additional help arrived from an unexpected ally...

The 4th's request for assistance had been intercepted by the Dark Angels, who's recent arrival and subsequent operations within the Appalachian sub-sector have increased substantially. Though to what purpose no one outside the chapter knows. Their sudden appearance as if from nowhere has garnered much attention of the regional Imperial institutions, and has left the Dark Angels with much unwanted scrutiny.

Sensing an opportunity Supreme Commander Azreal, dispatched a small contingent of the 6th and 9th reserve companies to bolster the Storm Warden's 4th company as a sort of 'good will' gesture. On arrival however, this 'small contingent' of
Dark Angels soon realized that it out numbered the Storm Wardens considerably. The initial meeting with Captain D'Kraken was about as cold as are his relations with his own company, due to his extensive Inquisitorial service. D'Kraken, taking a pragmatic approach to the situation, allowed the Dark Angels to assume overall command. The logic being that due to their superior numbers and fresh troops, it only made sense to take the lead role in the Storm Warden's campaign. Henceforth, the depleted Storm Wardens would take on a supporting role. 

The Storm Wardens are known for their stubborn pride and the 4th Company as a whole was outraged by the usurpation of their campaign by their new allies (logic be damned!). As a result, D'kraken has already earned the enmity of his new brethren. Grumblings among the remnants of the 4th that D'Kraken is unfit for command are starting to be heard and morale is being sorely tested because of it...

In their first battle with both the Dark Angels and D'Kraken in charge, they got pasted by Murl's dread forces of Nurgle. It would seem that these new commanders are nothing but a bunch of

D'Kraken leading a Tactical Squad to its doom. The Dark Angels meanwhile, seem to shun the camera's lens...


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"due to the old (and by most everyone else's standards fugly) 2nd ed miniS"

This made me laugh. Masta Cheef turns humility into prosperity.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, I bought them due to the cost (or lack thereof) rather than their looks. They are easy to paint though.

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pasted...i like the sound of that..:D..


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Yeah we've had a pretty good turn out here lately. I ought to be out your way this weekend, RL intervened last Sunday. Doubt Screech will join me though as its race weekend in Bristol & he'll have to drive right thru that mess to get to my place before heading out to Morristown.