Friday, March 1, 2013

The metal lives...(army list/brochure and some other stuff).


Just a quick post about 2 things.

First off, there was some inquiry to my mention of the Necrons which I fought at the 2006 Altanta Games Day. That Necron army took best appearance, due in part to the judge (as well as probably everyone else who got a copy) being blown away by the list, much less the army itself. I still have a copy of that army's list and have scanned it in for viewing below.

As I said yesterday, I played my Silver Skulls vs. this list in the first round and it was a good ol' fashioned slugfest which I ultimately lost. However my opponent was most entertaining to play against, his army was beautifully painted, and it even had green LEDs lit up inside the monolith. Sorry, I have no photos of his army, though if he reads this, I'm sure he'll be amused to know that copies of his list still do exist.

..and on a different note, my Daemons are going the way of ebay currently. Never really fond of them, I got a cheap codex for them after the lesser daemons got punted from the CSM codex. However what little I have doesn't justify the $50 codex, just for an allied contingent that I'm really not interested in. Harold will retain his name and instead become a Nurgle Sorcerer, who will instead lead some cultists around rather than some daemons.

With the first batch paid for, I've picked up a handful as dirt cheap 2nd ed marines to flesh out the Storm Wardens and add a bit more bulk to the Dark Angels. I also have a bid in on a battlemech, and just this morning I ordered this mini:

Note the hand on the end of the lance, which is giving the enemy the finger...

Hilarious model! I've already dubbed this guy 'That Swine from Altdorf' (he'll be painted accordingly) and he shall be my Stirland Army's mascot (counts as: BSB).


Hive Angel said...

Bids on a Battlemech are always interesting to here. Another mech to add to the disposable destruction pool.

Kushial said...

Ok, that's pretty cool. Nice idea and nice seeing someone going that extra step. Especially in at that time what a pretty flavorless army.

neverness said...

The pig rider reminds me of this project:

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, that's awesome! I also like the comment about pigs being common in Stirland armies, lol.