Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grymn Walker WIP


Here it is, sans-weaponry.
When I ordered my Grymn Walker (a.k.a.: the Mawe) I should have special ordered a second twin-gatling gun as I kinda liked the idea of having it outfitted with quad guns. Of course I didn't, and thus special ordered the extra gun once I received the walker in the mail. Poor planning FTW! With the new part ordered I figured I'd wait till it arrived before starting work on the model.

...and I waited, and I waited, and so on...

The Mawe walker's pilot.
After a month or so, I realized it wasn't coming and emailed Hasselfree about it. However it took 2 emails (and another week) before they noticed as they were in the midst of moving their offices, restructuring, etc. Tracking wasn't available as that would cost (quote) 'A bloody fortune!' but they would happily send another gun in a bigger and more substantial package. As it would be coming from 'across the pond' I settled in to wait a few more weeks. Thankfully my part arrived safe and sound the other day, and with a freebie mini as well, a female Grymn walker pilot!


Rear view of the legs and torso.

Da' Grymn iz gettin' MOAR DAKA!!!

Thus the legs have been glued together and after these photos, the whole mini and it's various parts primed. It'll give me a nice break from all of the Quar and Battletech that I've been working on here of late.

The Eldar will continue to wait (deal with it RTVoril) though for you 40k fans out there, my GF's Tau have some heavier reinforcements that need a bit of work but will soon be added to the Fem Fa'Tau's roster...


Mordian7th said...

Sweet! I really dig that walker, looking forward to seeing it painted up!

I was just lusting over the Grymn models on Hasslefree the other day, someday soon I'm going to give in to temptation and place an order (and end up with another army project that I don't need). :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, the worst part is that there's no rule set to go with them. So you're left thinking 'what can I use these as?' Its a shame that the old VOR game died out, as it had rules for creating your own races/factions, for which the Grymn would have been perfect!