Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Grymn Decals...

I figure some of you guys might be a bit tired of Battletech so I thought I'd show some of my meager progress on my beloved Grymn. Seriously, I love these little guys even though they lack a proper game system which they can call 'home' (especially as their 40k debut was less than stellar).

First off I changed the squad ID's. Initially I had a green swatches on the back of their helmets. Never really liked that though, and pondering on what to use on my Grymn walker, I decided  on using Necron decals. I've never seen anyone (locally) use them on their Necron armies, my own past army included. So why not? As an alien race, having their iconography in an indecipherable language makes sense to me.

I only have 3 Grymn troopers painted, but all three have the same icon as shown on the my squad leader's helm here, as does the back of her laptop. Its simple, and cut from a larger decal. Could be a squad name, number...who the hell knows? Also let me tell you, it was fun (not really) cutting the decal down to fit on that tiny laptop's screen! In the end it all looks good though (I think).

I also have the legs of the walker base coated and decals applied as some areas will be recessed and difficult to apply the decals to later.

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