Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ye Olde Warmaster Christmas


Well, I've mentioned my Grandparent's imminent move for quite some time now. However despite incessant delays, deals falling thru and mortgage company shenanigans (its curious how the companies who destroyed the US economy with their bullshit, got government bailouts so that they can now make home buyer's buying experiences exercises in absolute misery...) and whatnot, the move is now finally in progress! Indeed, my uncle and I spent yesterday packing up the odds and ends of the shed and garage, and the 'professionals' are moving the rest today.

As such, there's been no hobby progress here of late as I've been packing boxes instead, and will soon be unpacking boxes rather than gaming, painting, etc. However like some of my Grandparent's dollhouses that have been stored at my house whilst this has all been going on, the other day my Grandmother's village was also moved to my house for safe keeping.

Several years back (possibly a decade) I bought several pieces of Warmaster terrain, and made a little village for Ma as a Christmas present. She loved it and its been kept in a glass case ever since. Shortly after purchasing these pieces, Forgeworld discontinued their entire Warmaster range. As such, I'm sure that sentimental value aside, this little village is probably worth quite a bit of $$$ now...

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neverness said...

That's really cool! Reminds me that I need to get some 28mm scaled scenery put together for home games.