Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Faerie Folk


Now, I know RTVoril and Neverness really wanted another Battletech post, but they'll have to suffer through a 40k post Whilst I'll be heading outta town yet again this coming weekend for another fun-filled trip, things are starting to settle back down to something approaching 'normal' and so I've started to turn my attention back to 40k. I still have more CBT to post about and even a gauntlet to throw at Screech on that front, but it can wait. My gamer attention span has held one course for far too long as it is...

Anyways, onto 40k!

After the forthcoming holiday weekend, I'll actually be able to make it to the game shop and play a game. Shockingly, that's something I haven't been able to do since July! To go along with that, my GF has rearranged her work schedule to be able to make that trip as well. Thus the Fem Fa'Tau and their newly acquired Hammerheads and Pathfinders will be out in force. Whereas, after waiting for a decade for a new codex, and then ignoring said codex for a month or two, I've decided that I'll be fielding my Exodites on my return to the FLGS.

With the old codex, Warlock powers were always just 'on' and my Farseer really only needed three powers for victory: DOOM!, Guide and Fortune.  As the Exodites are a bunch of 'tree huggers' in the eyes of most everyone, I made three markers for these powers using Wood Elf Faeries. I've been a long time fan of Bryan Froud's Faerie Art books which is what lead to the idea (his older books anyways, his more recent collaborations with his daughter are just books about dolls IMO). In any case, they've worked quite well and are all but required now.

lol, it looks as thought that Dragon is about to eat the 'Guide' whilst the Guardian is going to shoot the other two!

The Problem with that, is that now the Farseer has seven powers to choose from. However rather than choose, he randomly gets them via die rolls. Meaning more markers were needed (and this is ignoring the Psychic powers from the main rule book all together). Worse yet, Warlock Powers are in the same boat, and has I have three Guardian squads who still want their Warlock support, that means I'll need a potential of 21 Faerie Markers just to cover all of their possible psychic power roll combinations! WTF?!?

I bought a few Wood Elf bits from ebay a little ways back, and the other day (after coming to this new realization) I ordered another bucket load of Wood Elf bits, and bases to put them on. Collectively, these purchases (all of which were still much cheaper than any one Wood Elf Boxed regiment) will net me a veritable platoon of Faeries, and waystone markers (cause there are only so many Faeries to to choose from).

The first batch is started...

Hopefully I'll have them all, or at least most of them done prior to the Exodites new codex debut..


Mordian7th said...

Those are pretty cool! I've never seen those bits before - might be just the thing to represent tutelaries for my next heresy-era thousand sons project!

Nice work man, great use of 'em for the Exodites as well!

neverness said...

You could just use cookies, since that's what your Space Wood Elves are probably manufacturing in their everyday lives.... ;)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol! Wow...nope, no comeback for that one!

Neverness wins!