Monday, September 26, 2016

Just trying to map things out.


Not a whole of physical progress on the hobby front this week. I did however make a chart showing how my 30k army is coming along.

Its about half painted...which is already better than most of my past armies.

If everything was assembled (and its not), the army tops out at about the 1750 point mark. Its still a bit light in the anti-tank department but that aside its fairly well rounded. You'll also note from the chart that Centurion Asirnoth has been demoted to a mere Sgt. As cool as that mini looks, I want a commander who brings a bit more oomph to the tabletop. Thus I managed to p/u the BoC terminator Captain for $6 on ebay who will now lead the army.

Speaking of, I think I'm just going to build what I have so I can at least play a game of 30k if the opportunity arises. The current rate of build/paint/repeat method, odds are I wouldn't have a field-able army for at least another year at best. Not sure if I would ever complete my Alpha Legion with that sort of neverness-like

Edit: Thus I assembled another Sgt., but it'll be easier to paint before assembly is I guess I'll go into build everything mode after this mini.

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...also another validation point for my embrace of Kill Team.