Thursday, September 8, 2016

My first Alpha Legion Sergeant is complete


Ya know, way, waaay back in the olden days of my youth, I was apparently a more talented mini painter than I am today. I thought things through before starting. I would think of things like:

 'once built these areas will be hard to reach with a paint brush, I'd better paint-as-I-assemble this model.' 

Ah yes, I see that old timer's disease is in its early stages, as currently I instead like to think:

'fuck it, I can reach anything with the right brush!' 

...and promptly start gluing bits together with little to no thought of the forthcoming painting process.

The result? It looks good, indeed no worse than any of my other Alpha Legionnaires, but man was this model was an absolute bitch to paint! The leather centurion's belt (...what's it called? Bob help me here...), connected to the Thousand Sons helmet beneath and...yeah. Painting in under there was a nightmare! Luckily part of painting recipe is to simply slather the whole model with an ink wash which darkened up (read that as: hid) any obvious mistakes.

As far as armament goes, this sergeant for my 'non-decal' Veteran tactical squad is equipped for versatility. He has the same bolt pistol and CCW of the rest of the squad, as well as a combi-flamer. That in concert with the squad's heavy flamer means any unit charging this bunch (or any failing to keep them at a safe distance) will be in for a mightily warm reception!


thebob489 said...

The decorative leather belt is called a pteruges

thebob489 said...

Models are looking great by the way!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Aha! & Thank you sir, I knew you would know!

Mordian7th said...

Really dig how that turned out! I'm right there with ya, always end up building the model completely then kicking myself later. :)

With the rumors swirling about the next heresy box set being KSons and Wolves, I certainly hope to see you do a few non-dead sons of Prospero too! ...As opposed to UNdead, which they are in 40k, I suppose. Hah!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh believe me, I already want the dead Mk III marine bit on the new KSons Sorceror's base! Actually I was thinking of painting the bits on my Dread's base in Spess Puppy colors. Also I have at least one Alpha Legionnaire with a former comrade's helmet on his base.

That said, depending on its contents, I may just get the new 30k boxed game/set/thing instead of piecemeal via ebay.

Zzzzzz said...

At least you didn't stab yourself again.

He looks great ! Although we all know that he'd not really the sergeant.

Greg Hess said...

He came out awesome. Nice work! Love that's almost as nice as emperors children :)