Monday, September 19, 2016

Quonset the Hut!!!


Yesterday I finished my Quar-Bolt Action terrain piece. For those that missed my mention of it previously, its a very Foreign Legion monument and triage station. The project was a fun little exercise and a nice diversion from painting all of those Alpha Legion marines. The base is a piece of slate which was nicely textured for drybrushing to look like stone. However it also means that I'll have to be extra careful with this piece as one drop to the floor and it'll shatter like glass!

The spray painted camo was much more difficult than expected!

Gotta love those little leaves!

The Quar in the doorway was a bit of a test model using my new Vallejo paints. Blue skin aside (painted using good ol' GW paint), he's in the color palette of my forthcoming Bolt Action Army (which is still somewhere in transit). True its a bit drab, but then again I'm used to painting mainly sci-fi and fantasy minis. Even the greens and browns of GW's paint seems unnecessarily vibrant in comparison to replicating a 'real-world' military uniform (not that he's wearing one...).

As for the mini himself, with his neck, head, snout as well as his one remaining leg covered in protective fabric it would be a safe bet that he's a victim of some very severe burns. Possibly a former tanker or the like. Given the ridiculousness of the Quar's tank design, I would imagine that they'd be easy prey on the battlefield.

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