Monday, April 19, 2010

...and so it begins...

With the universal approval of the Marines Malevolent, I picked up a Scout squad and started painting some test minis. I was going to start off with a shotgun squad (I always liked shotguns as in the old codex they were more effective when the scouts beat you with them rather than when actually firing the weapon) BUT, one broke as I was cutting it from the sprue. Not wanting a mixed weapons squad, I instead opted for Bolt Pistols & close combat weapons.

As you can see I haven't gotten too far. I usually finish a mini off with some dry brushing for added depth & to dirty them up a bit, so that they look like they're on campaign. I forgot to get some decal paper at my FLGS this past weekend, so the dry brushing will have to wait. The Sgt. will be the one with the chainsword, and the guy with the servo skull will be designated as an aspirant for the Adeptus Mechanicus/Techmarine. Not sure how to paint his armor, all red or maybe just a red shoulder pad, red arms with black torso? I'll figure it out at some point. I have several servo skulls, so will have a few sprinkled throughout the army (maybe one or two in blue armor as Librarium aspirants too).

Actually this weekend was more about Orks. Admuarrals Orkbar & Ballsey led their little fleet of Ork ships to victory in their first game of BFG. I learned a few things during the game: (1) eavy gunz sound questionable on paper, but are devastating once in range, (2) Brute Ram ships are all about psychological warfare. They scared the hell of my opponent but didn't do any more than inflict 2 points of damage via ramming. The implied threat they carry are worth it though, (3) Fighta Bommas while a nice concept, aren't necessary to table the opponent (once the eavy gunz are in range) which was good as I only managed one 'reload ordinance' order due to consistently rolling 'box cars' for leadership, (4) one warp core or plasma breach in a game when the fleets are close together is bad. Whereas FIVE are REALLY bad! (virtually all of my escorts died from these).

I also got a hellova deal on a box of Killa Kans. It had a $10 off sticker on it, GW stuff was 10% off, and I had a $5 off (on a purchase of $25 or more) coupon, the $5 & $10 off don't stack, but I needed primer which as a result I basically got for free. How could I resist? Yeah I need more Orks like I need a whole in the head (and eavy support no less, I already have like 6 eavy choices!), but GW stuff on sale is kinda like spotting a unicorn.

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Da Masta Cheef said...

Just an addendum: I was reading back through Salamander last night as a refresher on the MM's fluff and they don't much care for librarians, so I'll skip the blue armored aspirants.