Friday, April 23, 2010

Trolling for ideas...

Not too much on the hobby front this week. I guess that not going to the game shop this weekend knocked the minis down the priority list a few notches. I have been looking for ideas for the Marines Malevolent. I've been trolling around the internet & reread portions of Salamander to refresh my memory of them, about 30 pages worth. Most of the MM's fluff is centered around Captain Vinyar's 2nd co. Here's what I have thus far:
Marines Malevolent Background info

Old armor/weapon types, armor often looks like a patchwork of repaired types. Bolters with drum fed ammo clips

Known to use Tarantulas

Known to use Whirlwinds

No librarians in command positions, dislike of librarians in general

Rivalry with salamanders, accused to have been stalking the strike cruiser Vulcan’s Revenge in order to exact retribution. Blows struck between Tu’shan & Capt. Vinyar on Armageddon.

Logistical support partially achieved via scavenging, they’re borderline pirates

In general considered to be hostile towards humans, and have a severe superiority complex, often also called (quoted from many fan based sources) ‘just a bunch of dicks!’

Limited resources due to many enmities, including Mechanicus.

Capt. Vinyar’s strike cruiser is named Purgatory, has dark & shadowed interiors

Vinyar described as vain glorious, hostile & utterly ruthless

Frequent use of teleporters/homing beacons (of an antiquated design)

Lots of newly acquired Mk VII power armor & bolters from derelict mechanicus ship

Will kill imperial citizens without compunction to achieve their goals

2nd co (Vinyar’s) cleansed Ymgarl of genestealers (according to Battle Standard aboard the Purgatory)

Among Xenos skulls & chaos helms they have a Black Dragons helm as a trophy on board the Purgatory

Will not fight as allies to Black Dragons

Armor is salvaged from fallen battle brothers & worn to honor memory

Often paint skull like images on the face plates of helms, like a chaplain’s helm, though often cruder in form.

Terminators use outdated patterns & Twin bolters (old Space hulk Termies?)

use extortion to achieve goals

2nd. Co includes Sgt Lorkar & Techmarine Harkane

Again, most of this comes from Salamander, but is a good start. Aside from trying to get the flavor of the army, I've been scrounging through the bitz boxes (consolidating a few) for old marines, setting them in some Simple Green for a few days & then scrubbing them clean. I won't need too many, as the army will be predominantly scouts. I found:

1 in Mk II Crusade armor

1 in Mk IV Maximus armor

1 in Mk V Heresy armor

1 in Mk VI Corvus armor

2 in Mk VIII Errant Armor

1 Techmarine (the helmetless one looking into the auspex)

The Mk VIII is listed as a newer rare type (perhaps it was mixed in with the scavenged Mk VII armor?), often worn by officers as a sign of rank. I've always liked that style, and will probably use one of them as my 10th Co. Captain. One has had its Imperial Aquila crudely filed off (former Red Corsair I'd venture to guess), so will probably use the other. I don't really have any bolters with drum magazines, but I have a ton of old 2nd. ed. bolters, so that'll work I think. The narcethium bit was a disappointment though. A portion of it was filed off to fit a nonstandard model, so may just have to bit order those parts from the warstore or something. A bit more paint has made it onto another scout, but that's about it.

Kinda slow going, but such is the way of new armies.


sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds like you've got a lot of info!

They sound pretty much like not-quite Night Lords.

Some of the Ork shootas have drums, could use them or just the drums. IG grenade launchers could be another source, or just clip them out from some plastic rod and fill with greenstuff.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I tell ya what, I was looking at the drum fed bolt pistols on the elite slot BA assault marines (the ones that look like little pseudo Dantes), and those have potential! Maybe just buy some as bits. The Ork drum clips are a good idea too (and cheaper as I have some), I think the IG grenade clips might be a tad too big though.