Sunday, April 4, 2010

A few random tidbits.

Sorry, no cohesive theme this time around (assuming that I ever had one in the first place)...

First off, I painted my 'Not-So-Big Mek' today. It came out pretty good I think. I painted his bike yellow as its the only one in my army (no more bikes are planned), so I figured he was probably of the bad moon mindset.

'Cuz a propa Bad Moon gotz iz own ride, an' dozzint need ta hitch a ride in annuver boy's trukk.'

Second, the guys at the Bell of Lost Souls have been gracious enough to add me to their blog alliance! BoLS was the first blog that I started to follow, Corbana Prime inspired me to give blogging a shot and From the Warp put me on the map! I'm continuously amazed at the variety of nationalities of the gamers/hobbyists that have visited my blog (even more so after adding a page hit tracker earlier this week).

Third, I've volunteered for a dry brushing 'project', though its still pending administrative approval. Not sure if I'll be allowed to post WIP photos or not, however I'm both excited by the prospect while daunted by the scale of it! (the scale being life sized!) Yeah I know that's rather vague, but I'll have to keep it at that for now I think. Technically its not a 'hobby' project, but I've honed my dry brushing skills over the years on an endless variety of minis. So if its a go, hopefully they'll let me post some pics on here.

That's all for now I guess, so brace yourselves, Monday is almost here! (unless your in Australia in which case you're likely to already be wading through it) {:-(

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