Monday, April 26, 2021

My first batch of Bolt Action minis are complete!

It's TOMMY! Who's still pinned down by Jerry... 

Whew, I did it! All minis were painted before anymore were purchased arrived in the mail! Whilst it's obvious none will win any awards being just 'table top quality', I'm rather pleased with all of them as a whole. 

Not going to get too wordy with this post, but rather just post pics of them so far. Am taking a bit of break to paint some of my woefully neglected Battlech stuff before delving into the next batch. 

I like how there's even the option for some variation to the prone minis' positioning. 

The first half of my infantry section.

...and the second, with the Mk VIB in support.

At the current time, the Boys AT rifle team is still the potent anti-tank weapon in my army. 

Reinforcements! Though still not sure what I'll do with three Stuarts...

I also have my two, 3D printed transports, however both are only half primed at the moment as I ran out of primer. Sad face.


neverness said...

Looking good!

Dai said...

Very nicely done and I'm glad to see that this project is getting some reinforcements!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks Guys!