Monday, April 19, 2021

Soooo...I went and did a thing.

Yep, you guessed it. I (predictably) bought MOAR stuff before painting all of what I had first. I came close though, really I did! 

Originally, I had a dozen infantrymen and a Mk VI B for my British Bolt Action 'army'. Out of that little force, the tank and a half dozen Sikhs are painted, with another three in progress. I did decide to slight expand it by raiding my quar again, stealing their 3D printed Tilly and 15CWT truck. Both of those need some sanding to get rid of the worst of the print lines, afterwhich the Tilly will require a repaint, yet by adding those and dropping my Sikh's LMG gunner, my list would top out at 300pts for no extra cost. 

But then...

...any guesses on who is having a sale?

It's all Table Top Fix's fault really. Damn but that site has cost me a bloody fortune in impulse buys over the years! Needless to say, last Friday I added to the tally. But seriously how could I resist? Looking thru their site under the 'UP TO 66% OFF!' submenu I found the Stuart light tank for $16. Hell yeah! I wanted one of those! Swap it out for my Mk VIB and my little list instantly goes to a mid-war, later North African campaign list.  Add to cart, go to checkout and...

...there's a $50 minimum for orders outside of the UK. 


Well lemme see, maybe there's something else that I might want that's on sale...don't really want to spend that much $$$ tho...

Nope, not really. However I can just get 3 Stuarts and then be able to do Tank War or an armored platoon (with which 3 Stuarts and a Mk VIB really aren't much of a threat to anybody else's Tank War and/or armored platoon armies but still...), toss in a $5 Desert Rats decal sheet and we're there! Wait what?!? Shipping is $24!!! 

Sad fac-wait what's this here at the bottom of the screen? 'You maybe entitled to a free boxed set to offset shipping costs...' sure! Clicks said link and...shortly thereafter finds the 8th army infantry box (the same one that my Sikhs came out of) on the list. So...a $47.50 box for free to offset the $24 shipping cost. Sounds good. 

Indeed, going on full retail price my order would have set me back $139, whereas I instead only paid $77 (almost a third of which was shipping!). As such my Sikhs now clock in at 42 infantrymen, 3 Stuarts, a Mk VIB, a truck and a Tilly. Playing around with that in Easyarmy's list builder, I've come up with several 500-750pt army lists. My AT weaponry is woefully lacking in most all of them, but whatever, I have more than enough for now. 

Now my only concern is: which old, unused minis do I eBay off to offset this latest round impulse buying???

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