Tuesday, April 6, 2021


This is Tommy. 

Tommy is at war with Jerry. Tommy is a lieutenant, ready to give his all for King and Country. Unfortunately for Tommy, Jerry is shooting at him with an MG42 forcing our beleaguered Tommy to lie on his tummy and hide behind this lowly rock. Tommy is cursing the fact that he's armed only with a bloody Webley that can't reach Jerry and his MG42. 

Today is a bad day for Tommy...

lol, and thus I foolishly delve once more into the game of Bolt Action (and this time, with actual humans!). I blame this latest foray on The National WWII Museum that we recently visited in New Orleans a few weeks back. It was a bit pricey to visit, but nonetheless I highly recommend it! We spent easily half a day of our very limited time in NOLA there and in all honesty were it just me, I'd have probably spent the entire day wandering it's halls and exhibits. 

Anyways, those three are just a few highlights of the many of pics I took there. Also, if you eat at the museum's restaurant, get the chicken & andouille gumbo it's delish! (it is New Orleans after all...). 

Sikh Infantry squad. I chose the Sikh heads having been inspired by Admiral Drax's Sikh army from a few years back.

So back on topic, I've been wanting once again to buy/build/paint MOAR Bolt Action minis. However at the same time I'm well aware that I'll likely not play BA anytime soon (if ever), especially as I've never been all that thrilled with the Bolt Action ruleset (1st. ed., I haven't played the current edition). 

My 'army' as a whole. Whilst it might be prudent under fire to be lying down, making a small target of one's self, Tommy doesn't exactly make for a dashing commander.

I've limited my self to a mere 12 minis, along with stealing a tank (and I use that term loosely) from my Quar. Clocking in at a grand total of 250 points, hopefully this little contingent for will scratch the itch without getting too costly. 

My favorite anti-tank weapon in Bolt Action. It's quite effective at taking out...trucks, jeeps, stray camels, but not tanks. Unless they're as bad as my Mk VI B.

The Quar gunner in the previously open hatch was so dedicated to this tank, that what's left of his mangled, headless, half body is forever entombed within the turret.

Given that I recently only managed 8 painted minis for my Smurfs before wandering off, a dozen infantrymen and a tank seemed like a good, manageable goal to set for myself. Also were I actually to play, 250pts. is an easy number to latch onto somebody else's army like some sort of little allied barnacle. 

I left the Quar crew stowage as its both well glued in place, and of similar size/appearance to that of regular Bolt action stowage. 


Dai said...

A nice desert force and should be simple enough to get painted as well in not too much of a time frame.

Drax's Bolt Action projects are very inspiring, just a shame he only posts on Facebook any more these days. His poor blog is rather unloved.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I'm hoping not, we'll see though...

Also yes, I miss Drax's blog dearly in fact it was one of the blogs that inspired me to start blogging.