Monday, April 12, 2021

Sikh and Destroy!


Now with three Sikh riflemen completed and three more in progress, I guess I can say momentum has been achieved. How much? Who can say, but I have it for right now anyways, propelled all the more by the fact that Bolt Action has been resurrected from the dead at the FLGS.

Better yet, there's a guy regularly fielding a Russian tachanka which makes me happy. I just love it when hideously poor units are fielded purely because somebody just likes them. From what I hear it's actually fared quite well too!

My second trio is going better than the three above as I now have the color scheme down .Originally I had the browns for the skin tone and leatherwork/packs and webbing reversed. Ultimately I didn't like that and switched 'em which looks much better I think. 

Not sure how historically accurate my colors are, but given my limited selection of paints here at the house it'll have to do. This scheme is fairly quick and easy to do, which is kind of a necessity considering that most BA armies are fairly infantry heavy.

With some infantry nearby, you can see just how terribly small the Mk VI B is. Hard to believe there's 3 guys, plus an engine, guns and ammo crammed into that death trap!


Dai said...

Looking good so far! The webbing and pack color actually works as you’ve shown in the pics here historically more or less I think, but they are your models, so I don’t think it’s going to offend any but the most neck bearded gamers. :)

That tank is indeed tiny. Have you seen the Italian tankettes used in the desert campaigns? They were even smaller!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes I have, actually the Polish TKS is one of my faves just because its if anything about the size (or less) of a modern day subcompact hatchback, lol.

And yes, these actually aren't that far off from another Sikh army I stumbled across the other day. So I'm pleased with them as is. Just about to ink the next three right now. :-)